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Tombstones or credentials are a key part of any commercial proposal. They show your potential client that you have the experience and a proven track record of handling projects similar to what they want to do.

For this reason, Tombstones are widely used by service companies, such as consulting or finance firms.


Insert credentials instantly formatted in your own corporate template


Capitalize on experience and easily find the most relevant credentials to win deals and grow your business


Set up your own corporate template and custom fields to match your exact needs

In most firms, credentials result in considerable wastes of time and efficiency:

  • Users waste time manually searching tombstones in previous presentations,

  • They take the tombstones they find, not necessarily the most relevant for their current proposals,

  • They spend a lot of time formatting tombstones in PowerPoint,

  • They may also need to translate them (sometimes even translating them back the next time!).

Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Tombstones
Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Tombstones Library

With Power-user, Tombstones are one burden less off your mind and a boost in your productivity. 

Power-user allows users to browse and insert Tombstones from a central database:​

  • Browse all your Tombstones directly from the Library in PowerPoint,

  • Find the most relevant Tombstones by filtering by dates, industries, language, etc.

  • Insert Tombstones in just 1 click, already perfectly formatted.

Tombstones can be fully customized to fit your own company's template and data. They work with any structured databased, so they can also be used for CVs and other data that is used frequently in your presentations.

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