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The Pipette is probably the most powerful formatting tool ever made for PowerPoint. It enables fast and flexible formatting like nothing else before.


A few examples of what you can do with the Pipette:

  • Apply the format of the shape but not of the text

  • Apply the line style only

  • Apply the correct style of bullets to every shape in the entire presentation

  • Give the same exact format and the same position to all the titles of your slides 

  • Memorize the position of a shape and apply this position to shapes on other slides

  • Adjust the roundness of angles for your shapes

  • ... and any other combination, it's up to you!

See it in action with this short demo video:

The Pipette captures all the characteristics of a shape:

  • the fill color and transparency

  • the line color, weight and dash style

  • the shape type and the shape's angles roundness

  • the shape size

  • the text font, text size, text color, and if it is bold, italic or underlined

  • the text anchor, i.e. if it is centered on the top, middle or bottom of the shape and if the text is aligned on the left, centered, aligned on the right or justified
  • the margins of the text compared to the shape

  • the style of bullets, at each level of indentation

  • the shape's position on the slide

Power-user for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Pipette

The characteristics memorized can then later be applied in any combination on either:

  • the shapes in your selection

  • all shapes

  • slide titles only

  • the shapes with the same fill color

  • the shapes of the same type

  • the shapes with the same size

  • the same with the same font color

  • the shapes with the same name

  • etc.

This gives you an amazing flexibility to format your presentation really fast and save a considerable amount of time.

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