To boost your data visualization, Power-user brings new charting capabilities to PowerPoint and Excel. With Power-user, you will have access to:

  • A Chart Library containing dozens of chart templates you can easily insert and customize

  • The ability to create charts of a new type:

    • Waterfall charts

    • Mekko charts

    • Sankey charts

    • Tornado charts


Browse dozens of chart templates from the Chart Library. These charts can give you inspiration for powerful visualizations, while saving you the time and complexity to re-create charts manually. Simply insert one of these charts and customize it with your own data and format.


Create advanced chart types that would normally be impossible to create with just Excel or PowerPoint. These chart types can help you bring your visualizations to a new level and reveal the hidden messages in your data.


Massively used in consulting and finance, watefall charts decompose a value into multiple components, showing their relative weight and contribution to the total value.


Power-user lets you build waterfall charts with amazing flexibility:

  • Easily define totals to create waterfalls that can be ascending, descending or both,

  • Show only one series, or cumulate multiple series on the same chart,

  • You chart can even go below the axis,

  • You can easily customize the chart design, changing colors, borders, labels etc.

Power-user's waterfall charts will help you present your data in a visually impactful way. Some typical uses of a waterfall chart are:

  • Displaying all the financial aggregates contributing to a Profit & Loss Statement,

  • Running a gap analysis, explaining visually what factors impacted positively and negatively a specific metric (for instance: activity in year N explained by activity in year N-1, minus churn, plus client acquisitions).

With Power-user, editting or updating waterfall charts is very easy. Our charts are linked to your Excel data, and you can use the edition pane to quickly customize the design or refresh values.

Power-user l Excel Waterfall chart monthly variations


Mekko (or Marimekko) charts may very well be the charts with the highest value for clients in some industries like consulting or finance. It can display the relative segmentation of markets, the relative positioning of different companies, or the decomposition of financial aggregates. Mekkos can show a tremendous lot of information on a single chart, and is a great support for deep analysis in a business meeting, for instance. 

Look at the Mekko chart below. It shows that Market 3 is the biggest market, and Market 1 is the smallest. Company 4 has the highest market share on Market 2 and the smallest on Market 1. It seems like Company 4 focuses its efforts on the biggest markets and they are clearly leader in the industry. Still, Company 3 is leader on Market 1, even though it's a small market. The more you look at a Mekko chart, the more you will deduct interesting information about different markets, about companies respective strategies and positioning, etc.

Power-user l Excel Mekko chart


Sankey charts are a very powerful tool for data visualization. Sankey charts are ideal to represent flows such as the exportations of companies in various countries, the sources of traffic on different websites, the countries of origin and destination of migrations, etc.

For instance, have a look at the chart below. On the left you have 6 companies, with the total value of their exportations and their respective weight in the total exportations. For each of these companies, the exporations go to 5 different areas: USA, Canada, Europe, China and Japan. You can see the flow of exports going from each company to each geographical area. The graph also shows the value of exportations for each flow, and the total of exportations per area.

Power-user Excel Sankey chart

Check this video to see how simple it is to build and edit these advanced charts that would simply be impossible to create in Excel or PowerPoint without Power-user.


Tornado charts (also sometimes known as Butterfly charts) are the ideal tool if you need to compare 2 sets of data on multiple criteria.

A typical use is to visualize how 2 firms compare on various aspects, such as:

  • Turnover

  • Profits

  • Number of employees

  • Debt ratio

  • Sales for each business line

  • Etc.

The Tornado chart is similar to a columns chart, but instead of having the columns for each series side-by-side, one will be displayed on the left and one on the right.


With Power-user you can create a Tornado chart with 2 clicks and make your data comparison visually stand out. 

Power-user l Excel Tornado chart