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The Clean Menu is designed to help you secure format consistency and proof your slides before sending them. It will screen your presentation to detect and fix anomalies or confidential information before they hurt your credibility and reputation. 

Here are some examples of anomalies that Clean will detect and fix for you:

  • Multiple fonts coexisting: with 1 click you will convert your entire deck into a single font!

  • Missing slide numbers or footers

  • Confidential information on slide notes, comments, or sticky notes, hidden slides or offslide shapes

  • File size optimization potential: remove unused layout slides, remove cropped areas and compress pictures to reduce the size of your file before your email it
  • Agenda pages not up-to-date
  • Double words or double blanks

  • Empty placeholders

  • 3D and other effects

  • Slide animations or transitions

  • ...

Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Clean
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