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Every good presentation needs structure. Structure brings clarity and helps you present a compelling story that will convince your audience.


With Power-user, you can easily build and update your PowerPoint presentation's agenda.


The Agenda builder is a very powerful tool allowing you to easily create an agenda with a professional design at the beginning of each section. You can then automatically update in 1 click all these agenda pages with every change you bring to the agenda:

  • Create sections for each of the main ideas in your PowerPoint presentation

  • Rename sections, move them up or down, or define sub-sections 

  • Controle or rename the titles of all the slides for each section, to write a coherent and compelling storyline

You can also customize multiple formatting options for the agenda:

  • Match your company's colors and branding

  • Switch between applying a Table of Content layout, or simply Dividers between each section

  • Pick between different styles for table of contents or for dividers

  • Adjust the format of section numbers or page numbers

  • Change the slide layout to adjust the format and position of the slide titles, logos, placeholders and background

Power-user for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Agenda builder

With the Agenda, you can save 20min with every update of your presentation's structure. No need to apply edits manually on each page just because you want to add a slide or a new section, with your table of content, this will be done automatically.

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