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Power-user l Our history

Power-user was founded in late 2015 as a family business by former strategy consultants who experienced the gigantic waste of time needed to prepare high-quality PowerPoint presentations.


The first version quickly met a great success: after just 6 months of existence, Power-user already had 50,000 users on all continents.


Today, hundreds of thousands more use have been impressed by its capabilities, and Power-user as become an indispensible tool for many professionals, especially in consulting, finance and marketing which are heavy users of PowerPoint, Excel and Word.


Users of PowerPoint, Excel and Word are often high-potential employees, yet little has been made to help them give their full potential by saving their time for high added-value tasks. Sadly, most of their time is usually spent formatting slides, aligning boxes and organizing Excel data.

At Power-user, our mission is to free brain time for what matters by removing the time and effort of creating, designing and formatting presentations and spreadsheets.

We develop intuitive and powerful tools to remove pain points, make your job easier and help you communicate your ideas more efficiently. Working as a startup with agile methodologies, we bring the you innovative tools you need to unlock your full potential.

Power-user l Our mission


Power-user l Want to join us?


We are expanding and looking for high-potentials to join us. We are especially recruting in the following areas:

  • Software development: we are looking for skilled developers to build great things for our clients! If you have experience with part of our tech stack (C# .NET, PHP, Javascript, SQL), let us know and we will be delighted to meet you! 

  • Business development: we are looking for business development representatives (BDR) and account managers (AM) with international experience to contribute to Power-user's fast growth.

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