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History and results


Power-user SAS is a company founded in 2015, and based in Paris (France).

The first version of Power-user was released in December 2015, and met a great success among professionals in consulting, finance and marketing. After less than 6 months of existence, Power-user already had 50,000 users, located everywhere in the world.

Since then, several upgrades were made to improve the software and add new innovative tools helping businesses make an impact with their PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

Today Power-user has more than 350,000 users globally.


We are a team of strategy consultants, finance professionals and software engineers in France. During years, we experienced how painful the slide creation process can be, and realized the gigantic waste of resources it was for everyone. Having decided that employees skills would be better used focusing on the value of the presentation, we created Power-user to develop a set of tools that take the pain out of creating slides. Knowing exactly from our experience the painpoints that you face every day making presentations, we automated tedious tasks and added visual content to help professionals do better in less time. We then extended our tools to Excel and to Word so you can save even more time. We work as a startup, trying to constantly challenge the existent to define new innovative solutions.

Our team
Our mission


Users of PowerPoint, Excel and Word are often high-potential and high-salary employees, yet little has been made to save their time and assist them in the tedious task to make nice presentations. We made if our mission to save you time and effort by developing best-in-class tools to ease the process of creating, designing and formatting presentations. Our multiple features are made to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas of features that you believe could help you in your job.

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