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Linking data from an Excel workbook to your PowerPoint presentation is a great solution to simplify your reports. It saves you the effort to copy, paste, resize, reposition and reformat your charts, tables and texts all the time, while reducing the risk of manual errors in the process.
So if you need to update your presentation frequently, links are the way to go!

Not only can you link charts and tables, but you can even insert linked values in your PowerPoint text so that your comments will automatically be adjusted based on the latest values from Excel!

Power-user add-in l Excel-PowerPoint links

Our links are iron-solid

They will survive if you rename, move, or even email the files. At any time, open the Excel source, refresh and ...voilà!

They are super easy to use

We have made it very intuitive to create links: copy a chart or table, paste it, and click "Link". How simpler could it be?

You have full control

From the Link Manager you can see all links, go to the chart or the source, see the last update (and by whom), break links, etc.

Link anything

Link charts
Paste charts in PowerPoint and click Link. They will remain chart objects that you can fully customize, unlike pictures.

Link tables
Paste any Excel range or table object in PowerPoint and click Link.

Link text in shapes and textboxes
Insert linked values in your PowerPoint texts, so that your comments can automatically adjust to your data.

Want to learn more about the differences between our Links and the built-in Office links ?

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