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Version history

05/07/2024: v1.6.1854

  • On small screens where not all features can be shown, the ribbon will show features in priority by order of importance

  • Library performance enhancements for charts in Excel

  • Minor bug fixed with Agenda


24/06/2024: v1.6.1851

  • Library performance enhancements for custom templates

  • Links performance enhancements and refactoring

  • Links can now be sorted in the Link Manager

  • Organize toolbar is now opt-in from the Settings

  • Add setting to disable Power-user as default backstage tab

  • Fixed bug with Diagrams

  • Fixed bug with Stamps when the users chose "Pick from selection" without anything selected

13/06/2024: v1.6.1842

  • Library performance improvements


06/06/2024: v1.6.1840

  • Theme tab position adjusts if no theme has yet been set up

05/06/2024: v1.6.1838

  • New feature: save and load Themes from the backstage in PowerPoint, Excel or Word

  • Fix bug with disposed objects

24/05/2024: v1.6.1826

  • Fix issue with dynamic Organize toolbar

23/05/2024: v1.6.1825

  • Optimized performance for custom Pictures extensions


22/05/2024: v1.6.1824

  • Fix multiple issues

16/05/2024: v1.6.1823

  • Power-user is now available in Spanish

  • Setting added to show/hide the Organize toolbar when similar shapes are selected

  • Minor bug fixes with the Cleaner

  • Bug fixed with contextual menus position on the screen


02/05/2024: v1.6.1816

  • New: organize shapes dynamically on the slide from contextual menu

  • Organize feature revamped

08/04/2024: v1.6.1803

  • Fix issue with Pictures


08/04/2024: v1.6.1802

  • Excel-PowerPoint link: fixed issue with PivotCharts

  • Feature usage monitoring added for Diagrams

  • Minor cleaning and fixes


02/04/2024: v1.6.1801

  • Minor bug fixed with combobox controls with multiple panes

  • Fixed issue with Agenda when multiple presentations are opened at the same time

  • Fix Excel-PowerPoint links for special charts without x-axis

  • Fix Excel-PowerPoint links update issue when file moved from one web location to another

  • Fix minor bug when inserting multiple maps

  • Fix minor bug with hitbox of splitbuttons using FlatStyle

  • Replace Colors now handles chart markers

  • Fixed bug with Selective Formatting

13/03/2024: v1.6.1796

  • Fixed issue with templates insertion in PowerPoint

  • Fixed minor issue with Agenda for ShapeNoPrimitive shape type

07/03/2024: v1.6.1791

  • Fixed issue when the Library was first opened

  • Fixed design issue with sliders

  • Feature usage monitoring enriched


28/02/2024: v1.6.1785

  • Feature usage monitoring

  • Minor bug fixed with Agenda for dividers

  • Minor bug fixed with Cleaner for fonts

23/02/2024: v1.6.1781

  • Revamped interface for the Cleaner

  • Additional checks added to the Cleaner: accessibility and spelling

  • Bug fixed with Agenda slide titles

  • Fixed issue with some specific charts in Excel

17/01/2024: v1.6.1763

  • The Language feature now adjust the flags order to reflect recently used languages

  • Fixed issue with SharePoint files download when files were at folder root

  • Minor performance update to Agenda

04/01/2024: v1.6.1759

  • Fixed minor issue with Clean Manager for groups

  • Fixed minor issue with Language for specific shapes where the LanguageID propery cannot be updated

  • Update process updated to clear uninstalled .msi files

22/12/2023: v1.6.1756

  • Fixed minor issue with Excel-PowerPoint links when a text link was split across multiple runs

20/12/2023: v1.6.1755

  • Old Agenda dividers layout applied by default

  • Minor bug fixed for Excel-PowerPoint link

  • Pipette improved to manage custom image bullets, when the custom bullets are set up for the organization

15/12/2023: v1.6.1747

  • Fixed compatibility issue with old Agenda dividers


07/12/2023: v1.6.1745

  • Agenda customization has been extended to endless possibilities

16/11/2023: v1.6.1734

  • Fixed issue with Excel-PowerPoint links

  • Fixed issue with Pointer in Excel

  • Fixed issue with Calendar in Excel, when the Calendar was on a cell with a drop-down list

  • Fixed minor bug related to digital certificates

27/10/2023: v1.6.1705

  • Templates search can now run through tables


23/10/2023: v1.6.1704

  • New Excel feature: Calendar

13/10/2023: v1.6.1701

  • New Excel feature: activate the Pointer to highlight the row and column of your selection

  • New Excel feature: activate AutoFit to automatically adjust column when editing data

  • Gantt charts from the Library now include contextual options to adjust start and end date

  • Improved Charts previews in the Library

  • Fixed bug with Excel-PowerPoint links

  • Fixed bug with email features related to New Outlook

  • Clean double spaces now also loops through tables

  • Fixed minor bug with Swap animations

  • Adjustment to SharePoint library connection

11/09/2023: v1.6.1666

  • Optimization of preview generation for Tombstones

11/09/2023: v1.6.1665

  • New digital certificate

  • Enable bulk download of compressed pictures for Tombstones

  • Fixed minor issue that could trigger application launch

11/08/2023: v1.6.1655

  • Fixed bug with Custom Maps

  • Notification added when Autocorrect language changed successfully


04/08/2023: v1.6.1651

  • Fixed issue with icons category translations

  • Email update triggers profile update

10/07/2023: v1.6.1646

  • Minor bug fixed with Excel-PowerPoint links Last Update

  • ForceUpdate process updated for email verification

22/06/2023: v1.6.1638

  • Fixed minor issue with translation of categories in the Library

21/06/2023: v1.6.1636

  • Minor update to activation process after device transfer

  • Minor UI enhancements

19/06/2023: v1.6.1635

  • Fixed issue with Format Numbers for certain specific local settings in Excel

14/06/2023: v1.6.1631

  • Fixed minor issue with Charts

06/06/2023: v1.6.1630

  • Fixed minor issue with Agenda custom titles

05/06/2023: v1.6.1629

  • Adding devices management at license activation

16/05/2023: v1.6.1616

  • Sticky notifications enabled

28/04/2023: v1.6.1612

  • Minor bug fixed with Excel-PowerPoint Link

  • Keytips added for custom submenus

20/04/2023: v1.6.1609

  • Excel-PowerPoint Link: performance improved

  • Tombstones: define a specific slide layout to apply from the right-click menu

  • Fixed issue with Excel charts


17/04/2023: v1.6.1590

  • Insert charts in PowerPoint with destination theme or source formatting

  • Superscript and subscript buttons added to the PowerPoint ribbon

  • Minor update to the License Agreement


30/03/2023: v1.6.1586

  • Minor update to activation process

24/03/2023: v1.6.1582

  • Fixed bug with Configure icons


15/03/2023: v1.6.1575

  • Wireframes revamped

  • Minor bug fixed with Maps


04/03/2023: v1.6.1572

  • Adjustments to activation process

22/02/2023: v1.6.1571

  • Minor UI enhancements

16/02/2023: v1.6.1558

  • New activation process

07/02/2023: v1.6.1551

  • Performance improved for My Templates, Shared Templates and Configured Templates

22/01/2023: v1.6.1548

  • Fixed multiple bugs with Excel-PowerPoint links

  • Fixed bug with Replace Colors when running on charts

  • Fixed bug with Delete Empty Cells when there were merged cells in the selection

  • Clean fonts now support multiple font themes in the same presentation

03/01/2023: v1.6.1526

  • Get DNS suffix upon activation

29/12/2022: v1.6.1523

  • Fixed bug with Excel-PowerPoint link for https links

  • Log DNS suffix

23/12/2022: v1.6.1522

  • New charts added to the Library

  • Charts now have a larger preview

  • Agenda: minor improvement for sub-sections

  • Fixed minor bug when slide index starts at 0

  • Right-click menu on slides simplified

  • Minor improvements to the UI

  • Save and Send menu improved in Excel

  • Minor fix on Excel-PowerPoint links

09/12/2022: v1.6.1513

  • Power-user is now available in French

  • Chart templates now available in Excel and customizable

  • Excel-PowerPoint link now handle web links

  • Minor bugs fixed with Excel-PowerPoint links

  • Minor bug fixed with Remove Characters in Excel

31/10/2022: v1.6.1472

  • Fixed bug with insertion of maps and other items

28/10/2022: v1.6.1471

  • Excel-PPT links now support the insertion of linked values within PowerPoint text

20/10/2022: v1.6.1461

  • Excel-PPT links improved for ranges to be directly suggested in the user workflow

  • Fixed bug with links when Excel has hidden instances

  • Fixed bug in Excel for Change case to Sentence case

18/10/2022: v1.6.1456

  • New Excel feature: Add characters to range

  • New Excel feature: Remove characters from range

  • New Excel feature: Change case

11/10/2022: v1.6.1448

  • New Excel feature: Swap format of ranges

  • New Excel feature: Transpose range

  • New Excel feature: Flip range

  • New Excel feature: Concatenate ranges

  • Fixed bug with single-cell Excel-PowerPoint links

15/09/2022: v1.6.1436

  • Notification added for Tombstones when Excel ran from remote computer

  • New keyboard shortcuts added

30/08/2022: v1.6.1429

  • New charts added in the Library

  • Bug fixed with chart Library in Word

  • Clean fonts now allows font-by-font and shape-by-shape replacement

  • Clean fonts now supports more fonts

  • Bug fixed with Stamps

  • Minor ribbon optimizations

  • Admins can now deactivate licenses through CMD or PowerShell scripts

21/07/2022: v1.6.1406

  • NEW refreshed user interface for Power-user

  • Ribbon optimized with new MSO buttons

  • Replace Colors improved

  • Rating and sphere diagrams improved


01/07/2022: v1.6.1373

  • Links: new setting to preserve formatting or auto-detect when data source changes in Excel

29/06/2022: v1.6.1368

  • New chart gallery

  • Agenda: minor improvement to UI

  • Bug fixed with Links when file synced by Office app on OneDrive

  • Bug fixed with icons opening

26/06/2022: v1.6.1364

  • Contextual help links added

  • Fixed bug with Tab Explorer

  • Simplified Settings view

  • Fixed bug with extensions during download

  • Fixed bug with insertion in theme color

06/06/2022: v1.6.1356

  • Admins can now push a specific version update to existing users

  • No update prompt when installation was made in Program Files (x86)

  • Extensions download can be turned off by admin

27/05/2022: v1.6.1334

  • Fixed minor bug when removing Configured icons

  • Fixed issue with downloads when multiple files have identical names

23/05/2022: v1.6.1329

  • Tombstones improved with performance enhancement, layout preview fix and soft error notification.

  • New setting to remove Notes insertion for templates and agenda

  • Alert added when user set up can trigger display issue

  • Minor bug fixed with Clean menu

12/05/2022: v1.6.1318

  • Icons: change insertion color and hide or show descriptions from the Library

  • Improved use of theme colors across all features

  • Admin can now centrally deactivate Intellisense

06/05/2022: v1.6.1313

  • Toggle between inserting templates with Source Formatting or Destination Theme, directly from the Library

  • Toggle between multiple-selection or instant-insertion for Tombstones, directly from the Library

  • Update script checking .Net Framework 4.8


04/05/2022: v1.6.1311

  • Shared Excel and Word templates previews are now generated automatically (but can still be customized by the admin)

  • Minor design enhancements in the Library

27/04/2022: v1.6.1305

  • Minor fixes to Pipette

  • Minor improvement to Activation window

  • Extensions update improved

  • Admins can now centrally remove master templates

  • Updated to .NET framework 4.8

22/04/2022: v1.6.1301

  • Improved log in to access files shared from SharePoint

  • Fixed bug with Pipette

  • Chart pane size is now memorized

  • Updated to .NET framework 4.6

07/03/2022: v1.6.1288

  • Library improved: organizations can set up custom filters to search templates and use the Library as an integrated knowledge management solution allowing users to search slides by date, team, country, industry, etc.

  • Replace colors can now convert colors in chart series

  • Fixed minor bug with replace colors linked to zoom objects

  • Minor improvements to the Pipette


15/02/2022: v1.6.1278

  • Tombstones performance improved

  • Tombstones layout previews improved

09/02/2022: v1.6.1271

  • Fixed path when %username% variable is not available

  • Added registry key when triggering OnClose event

02/03/2022: v1.6.1268

  • You can now set up which layout should be used when you insert templates

11/01/2022: v1.6.1262

  • Tombstones multi-selection improved to include previous searches, and a dedicated view of selected tombstones

  • Excel charts now take master colors by default

  • Updated license agreement

  • "ID" renamed "Device ID" for better clarity

30/11/2021: v1.6.1218

  • Added .xlsb compatibility to shared Library

23/11/2021: v1.6.1211

  • Clean Strikethrough improved with blank spaces

  • Added .xlsb compatibility to the Library

15/11/2021: v1.6.1201

  • New: roll-out master templates to all users in the organization

  • New: roll-out chart templates to all users in the organization

  • New: remove Strikethrough text from the Clean pane

  • Fix bug with Data Maps color legends

  • Fix bug with Replace Colors when updating charts

  • Fix bug with Sankey charts

  • Fix bug with More Templates

  • Fix bug with Library in the Free plan

  • Added Excel shortcuts to autofit columns and rows

  • Minor UI improvements to the ribbon in Excel

29/09/2021: v1.6.1182

  • Minor improvement to Tombstones sliders

31/08/2021: v1.6.1179

  • Minor improvement to activation window

10/08/2021: v1.6.1173

  • Fix minor issue with Send Selected Slides

  • Notification added when unable to contact the server

  • New: send recommendation email

  • Tombstones: added ability to customize Sort options


20/07/2021: v1.6.1165

  • Minor improvement to Send Selected Slides

  • Roll-out script adjusted

13/07/2021: v1.6.1164

  • Minor improvements with some error notifications

01/06/2021: v1.6.1161

  • Excel-PPT link now works with tables, ranges and individual cells pasted with link

  • Adding a switch to enable fully offline mode

  • Minor bug fixed with Agenda

  • Language feature fixed to go through maps

  • Performance improved for shared pictures and icons

  • Fixed DPI issue for Windows versions prior to 10.0.10240

04/05/2021: v1.6.1146

  • Performance optimized for shared libraries of pictures and icons

30/04/2021: v1.6.1143

  • Fixed bug which occasionally greyed features in PowerPoint

14/04/2021: v1.6.1141

  • New: configure libraries of pictures and icons

  • Minor UI improvements

01/04/2021: v1.6.1137

  • Bug fixed with resolution on secondary screen

  • Minor bug fixed with the logo browser in the Library

  • Multiple minor bugs fixed

15/03/2021: v1.6.1123

  • Minor bug fixed with Tombstone​

04/03/2021: v1.6.1117

  • Formatting bug fixed with linked charts

02/02/2021: v1.6.1113

  • New: rename a presentation without closing it

  • Send Selected Slides now includes the default signature

25/02/2021: v1.6.1109

  • Major new feature: create robust links between PowerPoint charts and Excel data. These links will survive if the files are moved, renamed or emailed.

  • Set Same Size improved for shapes with locked aspect ratio

  • Diagrams: bug fixed with contextual shape

08/01/2021: v1.6.1081

  • Minor bugs fixed with the Agenda

  • Minor bug fixed with icons insertion

  • Additional information provided for errors with Tombstones

  • Roll-out script improved

23/12/2020: v1.6.1071

  • New: integrate Excel and Word documents in your Templates Library

19/12/2020: v1.6.1064

  • New: format numbers in Excel as percentage points or base points

  • Minor bug fixed when templates access is restricted

16/12/2020: v1.6.1057

  • New: integrate PowerPoint documents directly in the Templates Library

  • Minor ribbon optimizations

  • Fixed tooltip in Percent_Change function

  • Fixed minor bug with My Templates

07/12/2020: v1.6.1046

  • Fixed issue with templates search in Excel

  • Minor change to circular diagram

  • Minor bug fixed with Agenda

  • Library now includes .xlsm templates

30/11/2020: v1.6.1042

  • Tombstones: memorize Sort settings

  • Minor bug fixed with shared libraries

  • Usage added to Info menu

23/11/2020: v1.6.1038

  • Streamlined activation process

18/11/2020: v1.6.1035

  • Certificate updated

07/11/2020: v1.6.1028

  • Text and shapes as ToggleButtons

  • Shared libraries performance improved

  • Fixed issue with Icons Styles for some Line Icons

14/10/2020: v1.6.1023

  • Minor bug fixed with shared libraries

13/10/2020: v1.6.1022

  • Minor bug fixed with extensions download window

03/10/2020: v1.6.1021

  • Minor bug fixed with shared libraries

27/09/2020: v1.6.1020

  • Bug fixed with Language setting

  • Bug fixed with Tombstones

  • Bug fixed with extensions download window

17/08/2020: v1.6.1010

  • Minor bug fixed with Tombstones

  • Minor bug fixed when updating email while offline

  • Minor UI changes

17/07/2020: v1.6.996

  • Data Maps: improvements with ranges coloration

  • Minor bug fixed with Tombstones

04/07/2020: v1.6.993

  • Multiple UI improvements

  • Minor bug fixed with Tombstones

  • Multiple minor improvements to Data Maps

23/06/2020: v1.6.986

  • Multiple UI improvements

  • Fixed bug with Weighted_Average function in Excel

  • Admins can install and activate licenses through command lines

15/06/2020: v1.6.981

  • Tombstones: fix issue when images not loaded

  • My Templates: saved slides are now immediately visible

  • Shrink Text to Fit added in PowerPoint

  • Text and Shapes menu icons improved

07/06/2020: v1.6.978

  • Swap Positions now also include z-order

  • Swap Animations now also include delay and length

  • Tombstones can now be sorted by ascending or descending order

  • Tombstones filters now handle multiple tags for a single tombstone


28/05/2020: v1.6.975

  • Library performance improved

  • Minor bug fixed with Clean Formulas in Excel

23/05/2020: v1.6.970

  • Library: define Favorite sources

  • Stock functions fixed in Excel

  • Tombstones: show number of items in selection

  • Tombstones: items load progressively when scrolling

  • Bug fixed in Excel with Format Numbers

  • Minor bugs fixed with Data maps

11/05/2020: v1.6.950

  • Tombstones now support multiple layouts and multiple insertions

  • Library now opens with focus in the search bar

  • Minor bug fixed with tombstones

  • Minor bug fixed with shared libraries

  • Minor bug fixed with maps

  • Minor bug fixed with advanced functions

28/04/2020: v1.6.932

  • New​ Excel functions: Percent_Change and RMS

25/04/2020: v1.6.930

  • Minor bug fixed with charts

  • Minor update to ribbon UI

  • Tombstones logo management improved

  • Credentials management improved for external documents

19/04/2020: v1.6.926

  • Sticky notes margins improved

  • Credentials management improved for external documents

  • Icons Styles now support Line icons

14/04/2020: v1.6.923

  • New: Line Design icons

  • Improved management of files credentials on SharePoint for Shared libraries and Tombstones

  • Minor bugs fixed with Tombstones

04/04/2020: v1.6.919

  • Major new feature: Tombstones. Browse and insert tombstones / credentials from a centrally managed database

  • Minor bug fixed with My Templates

19/03/2020: v1.6.901

  • Bug fixed with Color Icons and Illustrations

13/03/2020: v1.6.891

  • Minor improvement with Clean

19/03/2020: v1.6.886

  • Templates can now be inserted with destination layout

  • VIP emails automatically sent to VIP support

  • Fixed bug with .xlsm for shared libraries

07/03/2020: v1.6.882

  • Excel and Word shared libraries now support .xlsm and .docm files

  • Share libraries can now be set as default

  • Minor bug fixed with page number placeholders in Agenda

  • Agenda styles previews improved

04/03/2020: v1.6.874

  • Minor bug fixed with icons

  • PU Dividers can be removed at company level


03/03/2020: v1.6.871

  • Clearbit Logo resolution improved

  • New: you can remove the Alt Text of pictures from the Clean pane

29/02/2020: v1.6.867

  • Company Templates now support internal server paths

  • Minor bug fixed with Tornado charts

24/02/2020: v1.6.866

  • New: insert logos directly from the Library (Insert pictures / Source: Clearbit Logos)

  • Stamps UI improved to facilitate single-slide insertion

21/02/2020: v1.6.852

  • My Templates now supports files in doc, docx, docm, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlab, ppt, pptx, pptm, ppsx

  • New PowerPoint templates and new arrow icons released

  • Minor bug fixes with Agenda and Pictures

12/02/2020: v1.6.847

  • Default slide added for Company Templates

  • Minor UI changes

10/02/2020: v1.6.844

  • Search in templates now runs on entire presentation content

  • Bug fixed with categories in templates

  • Prompt installation of updates on error

  • UK removed from EU map

08/02/2020: v1.6.842

  • New: Swap Animations from selected shapes in PowerPoint

  • New: Clean can now remove document properties and personal information

  • My Templates now supports multiple files

  • My Templates libraries can now also be created in Excel and Word

  • Save in My Templates performance improved

  • Critical bug fixed with Excel charts

  • Minor bug fixed with default tab

15/01/2020: v1.6.827

  • New library of icons (Office 2016 and higher): Illustrations 

  • Libraries now have a modular architecture, dramatically reducing the download time of software updates

  • Minor bug fixed with Clean in PowerPoint

  • New button in PowerPoint: Clear formatting added to the format menu

07/12/2019: v1.6.806

  • Stamps: white fill color added for optimization on colored backgrounds

07/12/2019: v1.6.805

  • Agenda: user interface improved

  • Agenda: more customization options added

  • Agenda: you can now apply custom layouts to your Table of Content and Dividers

  • New: .SVG format is now supported for custom icons in Office 2016 and later

  • Right-click context menu allows to save selected slides in .PNG format

  • Contextual features greying can now be disabled in Settings (not recommended)

  • Icons in PowerPoint templates now support the new pre-defined Styles


15/11/2019: v1.6.785

  • 300 new icons added

  • New: right-click an icon to apply pre-defined Styles

  • New PowerPoint templates added

26/10/2019: v1.6.769

  • 100 new icons added

  • You can now register to the Beta program to access new features beforehand

  • Chart legend position is now kept after update

  • Minor bug fixed with Waterfall charts

15/10/2019: v1.6.762

  • 700 new icons added

  • Minor bug fixed with the Lock button in PowerPoint

  • Minor bug fixed with Dividers in the Agenda

  • You can now select multiple chart elements through the right-click menu

30/09/2019: v1.6.744

  • New: Tornado Charts added to Excel

  • 50 new icons added

  • Bug fixed with Excel templates​

  • Data Maps can now have a color legend

16/09/2019: v1.6.736

  • New shape icons added

  • Agenda: invisible links added to section number and title

  • Multiple minor optimizations and bug fixes

  • Bug fixed with Clean / Compress pictures

13/09/2019: v1.6.732

  • Multiple bug fixes and optimizations for Waterfall charts

03/09/2019: v1.6.723

  • New: Waterfall charts can now be created in Excel

  • New theme for the Templates Library in PowerPoint ​

  • New PowerPoint templates added


24/07/2019: v1.6.706

  • Minor change​ to the clean pane

  • VSTO runtime prompt included in setup

15/07/2019: v1.6.703

  • Power-user is now ​automatically identified as Trusted Publishers

10/07/2019: v1.6.684

  • You can now insert Sticky Notes even faster

  • You can now organize your PowerPoint templates in Categories using sections

03/07/2019: v1.6.668

  • Clean performance greatly improved. It now runs 10x faster

  • New PowerPoint templates added

  • Minor bug fixed with right-click updates of Data maps


22/06/2019: v1.6.660

  • Clean improved: you can now check and fix inconsistencies one by one, or all at once

14/06/2019: v1.6.648

  • 20 Data maps added

  • New Clean options included​

  • Minor improvements on Mekko and Sankey charts

10/06/2019: v1.6.640

  • New : the Clean pane will detect and fix automatically inconsistencies in your presentation before you share it

  • Shape Effects added to the ribbon

  • Crop Pictures improved with complete gallery of options

29/05/2019: v1.6.631

  • New: Data Maps are now available in PowerPoint and Word

  • New PowerPoint templates added

21/05/2019: v1.6.621

  • New: insert Word templates (+ also available with shared libraries)

  • You can now disable the F1 shortcut (help menu) from your Excel Settings

  • New Data maps added

29/04/2019: v1.6.609

  • Power-user is now available in Word!

  • 10 new PowerPoint templates added

  • New Data maps added for US states

  • Minor bug fixed with OneFont

17/04/2019: v1.6.594

  • Refresh all Data maps, Mekkos or Sankeys at once​

  • The Language feature now also goes through slides notes

05/04/2019: v1.6.588

  • New PowerPoint templates added​

  • Minor bug fixed with Mekko charts

  • Bottom margin added to Agenda pages

26/03/2019: v1.6.579

  • New feature: there are now Excel templates included in the Excel Library

  • 10 new maps added

  • Minor bugs fixed with Data maps

  • Minor bug fixed with Library insertions

  • Minor bug fixed with Agenda

18/03/2019: v1.6.565

  • New feature: Data Maps: automatically color maps in Excel based on your data

  • 20 new maps added
  • New: Library enabled in Excel
  • Minor UI optimizations
  • Same Width/Height can now take into account the rotation of shapes
  • Limited ribbon enriched with additional templates, icons and maps and Tab Explorer

04/03/2019: v1.6.525

  • New templates added

  • New shape icons added
  • Stamps now accessible directly from the ribbon
  • Symmetry, Swap Positions, Organize and Touch can now take into account the rotation of shapes

21/02/2019: v1.6.513

  • NEW feature: organize slides by arranging selected shapes in rows and columns

  • Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal added to the ribbon
  • New templates added

17/02/2019: v1.6.508

  • NEW: browse over 100,000 beautiful pictures and insert them directly at the perfect size for your slide!

  • Templates previews optimized and other minor insertion pane optimizations

08/02/2019: v1.6.492

  • Templates, icons, pictures, maps and charts are now inserted from a single pane

  • New templates added

  • Bug fixed with templates

  • Paste gallery added to the ribbon

  • Spelling added to the ribbon

  • Thesaurus added to the ribbon

15/01/2019: v1.6.479

  • Rename an open file, or save files directly from Tab Explorer

10/01/2019: v1.6.477

  • New templates added

  • Minor bug fixed with charts

31/12/2018: v1.6.474

  • Dynamic update of the data source for Mekko and Sankey charts

  • Silent update enabled for future versions

02/12/2018: v1.6.457

  • New feature: Tab Explorer. Display open Office documents as tabs within PowerPoint or Excel.​

  • Minor bug fixed with Sankey

  • Critical bug fixed when closing all open documents

25/11/2018: v1.6.441

  • New: create and edit Sankey charts in Excel​


02/11/2018: v1.6.437

  • New templates added

06/11/2018: v1.6.436

  • License keys can now be transferred to a new computer seemlessly

30/10/2018: v1.6.435

  • Changing folder in Settings fixed

  • Minor additions in logs

  • Minor issue fixed with Mekko charts

25/102018: v1.6.433

  • Minor bug fixed​ with Replace Color

11/10/2018: v1.6.430

  • New templates added


06/10/2018: v1.6.426

  • Mekko charts improved with labels and totals format customization

01/10/2018: v1.6.389

  • Minor bug solved with certificates

30/08/2018: v1.6.372

  • Mekko charts improved with chart options: customize chart title, borders color, and add or show totals

  • Major bug fixed with Agenda


28/08/2018: v1.6.368

  • New Excel functions: get stock markets and financial data directly in your spreadsheet with Stock, Stock_History, Stock_Financials, Stock_Dividends and Stock_SectorPerformance!

  • Minor bugs fixed with Agenda and Save Slides

20/08/2018: v1.6.357

  • 100 new icons added

  • 20 new templates added

  • White background added to Mekko charts

15/08/2018: v1.6.355

  • Mekko charts can now be created from any range, colors can be dynamically edited, and totals are now automatically added

  • New templates added

  • Minor UI improvements

04/07/2018: v1.6.335

  • Issue with Intellisense DNA Host diagnosis fixed in Excel

29/06/2018: v1.6.308

  • Setup size optimized

  • New templates added

  • Multiple minor improvements added to the Agenda panel

  • Minor bug fixed with Progress bar

07/06/2018: v1.6.241

  • Circular diagrams weight can now be customized

  • Minor bug fixed with diagrams color

05/06/2018: v1.6.239

  • Customize Agenda design: use Table of content pages or Dividers, pick up one of several design styles, show or hide slide numbers or section numbers, etc.

  • Minor bug fixed with feature greying

  • Minor bug fixed with Save as PDF

  • Minor bug fixed with license activation

27/05/2018: v1.6.234

  • Optimization of performance when typing text

  • New Excel feature: toggle between Edit and Audit modes

  • Emails now use default client mail and not only Outlook

  • New options for Swap Positions

  • New templates added

  • Possibility to type custom text added to Stamps

08/05/2018: v1.6.227

  • Major NEW feature: Agenda. Automatically create and update agenda pages for your entire presentation! Easily rename and rearrange slides in your sections to write a coherent storyline. Customize the design and always keep agenda pages up to date!

  • Copy paste chart dimensions in PowerPoint is merged with the Pipette

07/04/2018: v1.6.211

  • Icons insertion speed optimized

  • New series of icons to create wireframes

  • New feature: open folder of current file

  • Send and Save slides improved with additional options

  • Stamps design improved

  • Ribbon optimized

  • Minor format bug fixed with CAGR function

  • Pipette added to shape contextual menus

  • You can now disabled Intellisense from Excel settings

04/04/2018: v1.6.202

  • Templates insertion speed optimized

  • New templates added

  • Restore dynamicity to diagrams that have been ungrouped

25/03/2018: v1.6.200

  • You can now customize the Language menu with any language supported by PowerPoint

  • ID added to the Info window to facilitate exchanges with our support team

18/03/2018: v1.6.192

  • New templates added

  • Link for More Pictures added

  • Stamps design and preview improved

09/03/2018: v1.6.185

  • New Excel functions: Hlookup_Max, Hlookup_Min, Word_n, Concatenate_Range, Weighted_Average

  • Know how many shapes were modified after running Replace Color, Clean Presentation and Apply Selective Formatting

04/03/2018: v1.6.179

  • Optimization of activation pop-up and license key activation form

  • Optimization of OneFont and ReplaceColor to check each character of each shape

  • Minor bug fixed with advanced functions

  • Minor design improvement with settings

19/02/2018: v1.6.172

  • Optimization of unload time in Excel

13/02/2018: v1.6.171

  • New maps: Iran, Irak, Latvia, Lithuania, Greenland, North Korea and Pacific-centered world map

  • Icons optimized with pictures converted to shapes

  • Pipette optimized with more flexible application options

  • Bug fixed with OneFont for charts with 3 or 4 axes

05/02/2018: v1.6.166

  • New feature: mark all slides as 'Draft' or 'Confidential' with Stamps

  • New simplified form with Sticky Notes, Stamps and Progress tools

  • Battery diagram optimized 

23/01/2018: v1.6.160

  • New interface for progress tools

  • License and contact information gathered on a single Info button

  • Available updates now visible on the ribbon

  • Automatic updates for Beta users

20/01/2018: v1.6.155

  • New dynamic diagrams added: battery and sphere

16/01/2018: v1.6.150

  • Change preferences for Templates insertion between keeping source formatting or using destination theme

16/01/2018: v1.6.150

  • Bug fixed with Lock Aspect Ratio

14/01/2018: v1.6.148

  • Advanced Functions button added on the ribbon

11/01/2018: v1.6.145

  • Freemium features added for expired licenses

27/12/2017: v1.6.137

  • New PowerPoint templates added

  • Backstage options available in Excel

  • Asynchronous startup to optimized performance

  • Replace Colors can now go through Tables

  • Bug fixed with Read-only presentations, slide master or slide sorter view

  • Improved performance for Icons, Templates and Find

  • Logs generated when switching views

08/12/2017: v1.6.129

  • The Power-user color palette now imitates the standard Office palette

28/11/2017: v1.6.126

  • Company templates can now be hosted on a SharePoint website

  • Sticky Notes user settings added

  • Bug fixed with Copy-paste visible cells only

22/11/2017: v1.6.120

  • New templates added

  • Mekko: you can now rename the Mekko sheet

  • New: launch multiple clean features at once 

14/11/2017: v1.6.113

  • Templates performance improved

11/11/2017: v1.6.111

  • New: Company templates : shared libraries for users in the same company or team

  • New: remove all notes from the presentation

  • New: remove all text from selected shapes
  • Critical bug fixed with Mekko charts

  • New Excel function: CAGR

  • Minor bug fixed with OneFont and Language

  • New: you can disable the default tab from your Power-user settings

  • Hint notifications linked to Power-user settings

19/09/2017: v1.6.101

  • Bug fixed on shape icons

  • New links to templates partners

14/09/2017: v1.6.99

  • Optimization of Mekko charts format

08/09/2017: v1.6.96

  • 400 new shape icons added

  • New templates added

05/08/2017: v1.6.95

  • New Excel functions added: Vlookup_Max, Vlookup_Min and SlicerItems

  • New Excel features added:

    • Swap Positions

    • Format Dates

    • Apply vertical/horizontal borders

    • Paste exact formula

    • Paste as linked picture

    • Center across selection

  • Bug fixed for Excel 64bits​

  • Bug fixed with Mekko charts

28/08/2017: v1.6.91

  • New Excel feature: copy and paste visible cells only

  • New Excel feature: UnPivot tables

  • New templates added

  • New shape icons added

  • Map of Peru added and fix of an error in the map of South Africa

  • You can now change the directory where Power-user files are saved

  • Log files improved

  • Installation doesn't require admin rights anymore

02/07/2017: v1.6.82

  • NEW 1,000 shape icons: vector icons that are fully editable and can be extended without any loss of quality

  • New templates added

  • New: access websites specialized in selling templates

  • New pictures added

  • Apply Selective Formatting now includes applying colors

  • Minor bugs fixed with Chart+

11/05/2017: v1.6.73

  • Minor bug fixed

08/05/2017: v1.6.72

  • NEW dynamic diagrams added: gauges, traffic lights, rankings, thermometers

  • Minor bug fixes

05/05/2017: v1.6.67

  • Bug fixes

04/05/2017: v1.6.66

  • NEW: 20 templates added

  • Loading view added for time-consuming features

  • Minor bug fixes

05/04/2017: v1.6.59

  • NEW: You can now turn off hint notifications from File/Power-user

  • Users without local admin rights can now turn off update prompts

  • Minor bug fixed with the Templates

  • Minor bug fixed with Summary

  • Major bug fixed with the ribbon in Office 2007

24/03/2017: v1.6.55

  • NEW: 50 maps added: Turkey, Norway, South Africa... and a lot more!

  • Search bar added to the Maps

  • Ribbon optimized

  • Critical bug fixed in Excel with Absolute/Relative

  • Minor bug fixed with Select Similar Shapes

17/03/2017: v1.6.53

  • Multiple minor bugs fixed

13/03/2017: v1.6.51

  • Relationship diagrams can now be dynamically updated

  • Dutch language fixed

  • Minor bug fixed on Remove Double blanks

  • Minor bug fixed on Straighten Lines

  • Minor bug fixed on Replace Colors

  • Notification added to inform about required reboot after installation

03/03/2017: v1.6.46

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

28/02/2017: v1.6.44

  • Circular diagrams can now be dynamically updated

  • Replace color can now run into groups of groups of shapes

  • Improvement of the log files diagnosis

  • Fix of a bug on Templates

  • Fix of a bug preventing load of the Power-user tab in Excel

  • Reduction of the frequency and duration of notifications, and several minor corrections

  • Improvement of the License Management Portal for enterprise licenses

08/02/2017: v1.6.40

  • Harvey balls can now be updated dynamically

  • Improved diagnosis

  • New keyboard shortcuts for Excel added

  • Minor bug fixes and minor improvements

31/01/2017: v1.6.37

  • Minor bug fixes

19/01/2017: v1.6.34

  • Minor bug fixes

18/01/2017: v1.6.33

  • No more limitation on editable maps for trial licenses!

  • New templates released

  • Pictures can now be inserted from Bing Image, from the offline Power-user library or from the computer

  • Multiple minor UI improvements

05/01/2017: v1.6.31

  • Improved notification system

  • Minor bug fixes

14/12/2016: v1.6.30

  • Search bar added to Power-user templates

  • New templates added

  • Save Slides can now be used on multiple slides at once

  • Multiple bug fixes

05/12/2016: v1.6.28

  • Share button added on the Excel ribbon

  • Multiple bug fixes

02/12/2016: v1.6.26

  • My Templates improved

    • Templates can be ordered in categories

    • Categories can be added, edited or deleted

    • Slides can be added to, moved to or deleted from a category

  • Fix of a bug with Send Selected Slides that could distort slides with custom sized

  • Bug fixed on .pps files

17/11/2016: v1.6.20

  • Critical bug fixed on Mekko charts

  • Minor bug fixed

16/11/2016: v1.6.19

  • User interface for Templates entirely reshaped:

    • Insert templates in your active presentation without opening the file

    • Easily find templates by looking in categories 

    • Automatically benefit from new templates at every version update, without any need to manually save them in the templates

    • Save your own favorite slides in My Templates

  • Multiple minor bug fixes​

09/11/2016: v1.6.17

  • Diagrams and Gantt charts's default color is now based on the color scheme of the user

  • Unmerged cells improved: you can now apply the content of the ex-merged cell in each resulting cell

  • The Pipette can now also adjust the roundness of shapes angles

03/11/2016: v1.6.15

  • New templates added

  • Templates and charts can now be inserted in the color scheme of users

  • Logs improved

  • Names for the new French regions added in Maps

  • Minor bug fixed

02/11/2016: v1.6.13

  • Fix of a bug in Protected View

  • Logs added for diagnosis

  • Performance improved for Manage Merged Cells

22/10/2016: v1.6.10

  • One Font user interface improved

  • Remove unused slide layouts extended to master slides

  • Minor improvements

  • Automatic update system

14/10/2016: v1.6.8

  • Replace Colors entirely reshaped to allow multiple selection of colors and run through grouped items

  • Format All Slides Titles merged with the Pipette feature for higher flexibility

  • Bug fixed on waterfall charts

05/10/2016: v1.6.4

  • Entire reshaping of the Icons feature:

    • 500 new icons added

    • Icons organized by design style and by theme

    • Icons can be searched using association of ideas
    • Possibility to custom icons using the download center or users' own icons

08/09/2016: v1.6.2

  • Map and Illustration insertion forms improved

  • User guide accessible from Excel and updated

  • Minor bug fix

22/08/2016: v1.6.0

  • Excel features added

    • Copy / paste chart dimensions​ in Excel

    • Create Mekko charts

    • Format numbers and currencies

    • Select cells meeting specific conditions

    • Show all cells in the active sheet

    • Remove empty cells from selected range

    • Manage merged cells

    • Clean formulas from unecessary sheet names

    • Convert formulas absolute / relative

    • Calculate selection only

  • New PowerPoint templates added​

  • Notifications improved

  • Logs added

  • Multiple bug fixes


10/07/2016: v1.5.87

  • Free version for students created


04/05/2016: v1.5.84

  • New feature: remove unused master slides

  • New templates added

  • Line spacing added on the ribbon

  • Extension of multiple features to multi-shapes selection

  • New notifications tips & tricks

  • Info menu improved

  • Ribbon after expiration improved

  • Added: use Enter to validate forms

  • Multiple bug fixes


03/04/2016: v1.5.77

  • License email activation system

  • Keyboard shortcuts improved

  • Multiple bug fixes


17/03/2016: v1.5.62

  • New icons added

  • New templates added

  • New maps added

  • Improved performance of resources insertion

  • Naming of resources reworked


04/03/2016: v1.5.58

  • Compatibility with 32-bit computers

  • Multiple bug fixes


04/02/2016: v1.5.48

  • New UI for resources insertion

  • New templates added

  • New icons added


04/01/2016: v1.5.42

  • Bug fix on OneFont


16/12/2015: Official launch of Power-user v1.0

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