Manipulating shapes in PowerPoint is a really painful experience. You usually have to move them one by one, select and unselect them all the time, align them again and again, and navigate between the different tabs of the PowerPoint ribbon to change the format of the shapes themselves or of the text they contain.  

Sometimes the simplest things are also the ones we appreciate most. Power-user brings on the same tab all the features you need to play with shapes. Just have a look at how flexible we have made it:

We have added all these shape features at the same place on the Power-user ribbon:

  • Insert shapes

  • Edit the text in your shapes:

    • Change font and font size

    • Align text left, right, center or justify

    • Add bullet or number lists and increase / decrease indentation

    • Change text orientation or vertical anchor

    • Change line spacing

    • Remove or reset internal margins, fit shape to text on/off or fit text to shape on/off

  • Change font color, fill color or outline color

  • Align shapes:

    • Standard alignment: left, right, top, bottom​, middle or center

    • Distribute horizontally or vertically

    • Bring a group of shapes closer from one another vertically or horizontally

    • Move a group of shapes further from one another vertically or horizontally

    • Display a group of shapes symmetrically on the slide

    • Swap the positions of 2 shapes

    • Stack shapes left, right, top or bottom

  • Organize shapes:

    • Group or ungroup shapes

    • Rotate shapes

    • Bring shapes to the front or send them to the back

    • Merge shapes

    • Split 1 shape into different shapes for each line of text

    • Consolidate several shapes into a single one, keeping the text of each shape

  • Select all shapes with the same color, font, size, text etc.

  • Straighten lines and arrows shapes

  • Organize shapes in X rows and Y columns

  • Resize shapes

    • Manually change height and width​

    • Apply the same height and width than the first selected shape

    • Lock / unlock aspect ratio

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