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15 Awesome Presentation Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Have you ever heard the sayings: ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ or ‘first impressions are most lasting?’ Unfortunately, it’s true, and sometimes it’s impossible to change a bad first impression for the better. That said, always try to make the best on the first try and do not put trust in the second chance because you may not have it. The same rule concerns any business presentation. Make it outstanding and easy-to-remember on the first attempt otherwise you can be doomed to failure.

Preparing a competent, visually appealing and meaningful presentation, a business owner requires a lot of practice and modern technologies. Gone are the days of boring slides behind the speaker’s back. Today experienced entrepreneurs opt for professional programs and specific web products like PowerPoint templates. With their help, it’s possible to make your project truly remarkable, elegant, and outstanding without much effort and in a minimum of time.

Here are a few killer presentation ideas you can consider to start sharpening your business presentation. It’s easy as pie to follow them for both experienced business owners and newbies.

Be Laconic

In order to keep the audience’s attention on the main message, you should avoid overwhelmed pictures, speech, slides, etc. Try to be simple, laconic and informative. Using minimum words and visual effects, you need to ensure people that your business project deserves their attention and has a promising future.

Get the Audience Involved

Content breathes new life into your presentation. Smart theses, catchy images, appropriate tables, infographics, memos, and other tools will allow you to make your presentation exceptional. Good content can involve people in discussion, engage them and leave lasting impression. Use interesting examples, life stories, true-to-life pictures, etc.

Use Visually Appealing Instruments

Don’t waste your audience time on dull, boring visual tools. Otherwise, you need to opt for eye-catching, impeccable presentation components. That is why, take advantage of professional design with amazing layouts for images and graphics to help the listeners perceive your content more effectively. For example, creative Cloud PowerPoint template boasts extraordinary, sleek design enhanced with multiple custom slides and loads of visual effects to stand your business out of the crowd.

Visually appealing presentation templates PowerPoint

Interact with Your Audience

Having an engaging presentation is half the battle. You need to make your listeners participate by adding as more interactions as possible. Depending on the theme of the presentation, you can insert various games, tricky questions or tests, etc. Try to establish visual contact with your audience, talk to them, ask questions, carry on a dialog with them, etc.

Don’t Read but Tell a Story

Reading text from the presentation slides is a mouvais ton. Try to convey the information in your own words or memorize it. Otherwise, your audience will fall asleep because lecturing is a very boring process. When you read, you are not able to build a long-lasting visual contact with your listeners and persuade them of your business success.

Use Legible Fonts for Slides

According to Dave Paradi’s survey, more than 50% of respondents complain of too small font to read slides effortless. Remember, that illegible font is an annoying factor that has an adverse effect on your audience. That said, choosing a PowerPoint template for your business presentation, pay attention to its typography. 2018 Pitch Deck presentation comes with motivational, readable and easy-to-remember fonts and color scheme.

Use Legible Fonts for Slides

Joke if Relevant

Try to avoid unemotional, indifferent speech while presenting a project. A serious presentation can be spiced up with proper joking, telling life stories, using any kind of humor. Experienced speakers even can laugh at themselves. However, implementing humor in a business presentation is an art because you have to know when to stop.

Speak Visually

If you think that visualizing of your project message is waste of time, you’re wrong. People perceive visual information better and faster than thousands of words. It is better to show more pictures than to use only words. Modern PowerPoint presentation templates are equipped with the rich set of layouts with cutting-edge infographics, charts, moving graphics, videos, etc.

You can even leverage tools such as our Power-user add-in to boost your presentations with thousands of visual elements such as templates, diagrams or icons that will make your slides look amazing.

Know Your Audience

It’s very important to tailor your content to your audience. If you present your project to students, you should make your information much more accessible. At any rate, it’s better to take a conversational tone that will encourage your audience of any age and status.

Support the Message Using Charts and Graphs

People like facts, statistics, data and other details that prove your speech. All these elements can be presented visually with the help of charts and graphs which will make your presentation colorful, engaging and more interesting. However, use only one chart on a slide. If you overwhelm your presentation with such visuals, it becomes boring and tedious. You can check this infographics we created to define which chart type you should use in each situation.

Play with Colors

Create an extraordinary presentation using contrasting colors, for example, black and white. Such minimalistic approach in color scheme will help you stand out from the crowd. Your slides will look sleek, professional and elegant. Whatever colors you choose, your presentation has to look harmonious and well-balanced. Moreover, it’s possible to use alternating colors for each slide to emphasize the audience’s attention on the main message. You can efficiently leverage PowerPoint's color schemes to make a smart use of colors and easily reuse your slides later with different colors.

Use Illustrations

There is a well-known saying that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Modern speakers like using colorful and playful illustrations to describe key ideas in an informational text. These eye-catching visuals allow you to spice up your informative presentation and make necessary accents. Illustrations evoke associations on people’s minds and make your project easy to remember. They help you communicate more effectively serving as a profound influence on your audience.

Incorporate Various Multimedia Solutions

With multimedia, it’s possible to give out the best advice that is based on the practice. Music or video in presentation will definitely capture and maintain your listeners’ attention. According to survey, 43 percent of people prefer watching the presentation with a video incorporation to common projects because it helps to explain theories in practice.

Use a Professionally Crafted PowerPoint template

PowerPoint web products are commonly used all over the world. In order to grab the audience’s attention, you need to make your presentation unique. In other words, try to choose a theme that has been kicked about hundreds of times. Power-user offers tons of presentation templates that have a well-structured design to make a strong impression.

Go Mobile

Since more and more people use their mobiles and tablets as their main devices, it’s important to make your presentation mobile-friendly as well. It means that your template should be flexible and responsive to smaller screens than PC and laptops have. Premium PowerPoint themes usually have fully responsive design that flows freely on any modern device with any screen resolution.

As you can see, to make a catchy, professional looking and impeccably functioning business presentation is not difficult if to follow these strict and accurate recommendations. If you’re planning to prepare your presentation by your own efforts, pay more attention to some points from this list. However, if you’re going to use one of premium PowerPoint themes equipped with multiple custom widgets and extensive functionality, you won’t have difficulty with building an appealing visualization of your project


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