PowerPoint Templates

Power-user templates

The templates library is one of the most powerful tools of the Power-user add-in. It contains 500 beautiful PowerPoint templates that will save you a considerable amount of time:

  • The templates are specially designed to be highly reusable

  • The templates will adjust to your own color scheme, so you don't waste time on reformatting

  • The templates are available in PowerPoint even when you are offline

Pick up a few PowerPoint templates in the library and design a beautiful presentation in minutes! Those ppt templates include:

  • General PowerPoint templates designed for typical situations: creating a timeline, a CV, a roadmap, analyzing pros and cons or displaying a process, a customer journey or an org chart.

  • Strategy and corporate frameworks, such as a SWOT matrix, templates for the BCG growth matrix, McKinsey 7S, Porter's 5 forces analysis, a strategy map or Balanced Scorecard.

  • Cool animation PowerPoint templates, to spice up your presentation and wake your audience up.

The PowerPoint templates library will provide you with great slide designs and themes designed to be suitable for any business area: consulting, marketing, finance, education, health, digital services, etc.

Power-user add-in - PowerPoint templates and design of slides library

My templates

Save your own slides!  Click "Save Slides" on the Power-user ribbon, and they will automatically be saved in "My templates" to be accessed later from any presentation. Use this to build your own deck of templates or to create a company library so that everyone works with the same corporate slides.


You can create categories to organize your slides. For instance, keep your team CVs, credentials, or your official company presentation in specific categories that you can browse from PowerPoint anytime.

Power-user add-inn l Library - PowerPoint templates

Company templates

Power-user enables to create a shared library of templates between multiple users:

  • Each member in your firm will have access to them anytime, even offline and directly in PowerPoint. 

  • Your company templates will always be up to date. Let the admin update the official "key figures" slide of the firm, or add a new CV to the team, and all users will have the latest versions.

  • It also enables the company to maintain brand integrity by having all users access the company templates with the corporate font, colors, design, etc.

Library - PowerPoint Templates - Company

Configure libraries

Customize the libraries by adding your own documents. Easily integrate any presentation located on the computer or on shared drive.

More templates

If you still want more templates, we recommend a number of websites specialized in PowerPoint templates. You can learn more here.

Excel Templates

Power-user gives you access to some well-designed Excel templates that can save you hours. With just 1 click in Excel, you can insert a template such as:

  • A template of automated Excel dashboard

  • A todo-list template

  • A template of a Gantt chart

  • A RACI template

  • A project portfolio template
  • A template to analyze some stocks from financial markets
  • A template to run 2-factors sensitivity analysis
  • Etc.


On top of these included templates, you can create shared libraries of templates for users in your firm to allow them to access some Excel spreadsheets at any time in the latest version.

Powe-user add-in - Excel templates - Dashboard

Word Templates

Power-user also includes some nice templates for Microsoft Word. With just 1 click, you can insert a professionally designed template of CV or meeting minutes.


You can also create shared libraries of Word templates for all users in your organization, enforcing brand compliance through your entire firm.

Powe-user add-in - Word templates - CV
Powe-user add-in - Word templates - Meeting minutes
Powe-user add-in - Word templates - CV 2