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How To Draw Your Marketing Plan Presentation In Eight Steps

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Honestly speaking, nowadays you do not have to be a web space guru to see all the benefits the progress brought us. As a result, now you can run a totally classy site without having any extra skills. Should we remind you how many pluses this step has? As you can see, online users of all ages make their best to build incredible business websites. Anyway, although an online promotion is a real must-have in 2018, you should not forget about a real-life presentation. Yes, it is made for a smaller audience. However, such presentation still matters! Thus, let’s see how you can impress your prospects. In this post, we have for you 8 working steps to draw a lucrative marketing plan presentation. Ready, steady, go!

1st step: Choose Your Auditory

Choose Your Auditory

First things first, you need to figure out what people are going to visit your marketing plan presentation. In this case, each and every detail makes sense! Here are several questions to think over.

  • How old are your future recipients? Actually, the style of your business presentation depends on its guests’ age. These days, being on first name terms with the customers is a popular business technique. However, some prospects would disagree with it. That is why we recommend you to think twice if the listeners are ready for such a trendy promo.

  • What nationality the prospects are? Here you have the same logic. Being a part of the western world, you can easily forget about different national circumstances. Keep in mind that even if something is cool in your country, it can still be offensive to the foreign users.

  • How much do they know about the theme of your presentation? Without a doubt, everything – from terms to the presentation of the information – has a major effect on your real-life showcase.

  • Why are they here? What are they looking for? This is probably the most important question to consider. Still, try to find a real reason because the answer gives you the key to a visitor’s heart. To get success, you need to know what the audience expects from you.

  • How many people are going to be in your marketing plan presentation?

Needless to say, the last question will make everything clear. It will be easier to find the proper place for the presentation when you know the number of guests. To say more, it influences your budget. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner because nobody wants to run out of their budget. Knowing such details, you will never have a financial panic.

2nd step: Find Your Advantages

Obviously, any advertisement is based on the pluses of the presented services. Don’t you think that your marketing plan presentation can work without them? Let’s be honest, any winning presentation is just a smartly created advertisement. Therefore, on this step, you need to focus of your advantages. When it comes to presenting your ideas, any detail can be advantageous. To start with, follow these 3 steps.

  • Firstly, figure out what makes your marketing plan better than other presentations. What features help it to stand out from the crowd? Highlight them!

  • Secondly, make sure you know why anybody may want to work with you. It is great when your business appears profitable. Still, don’t forget that a viewer should find it beneficial as well.

  • Thirdly, take a closer look at minutiae. Do you have a free parking? Maybe, there is a children room in your office? Do you have the most delicious coffee? Do you provide a free support?

To make a long story short, you need to take a 360 degree look at your services whatever they relate to.

3rd step: Introduce Your Presentation

When all the big and small benefits are found, it is time to introduce them. Living in 2018, you know how helpful the web space can be. For these reasons, we want you to create an attention-grabbing website. Actually, you don’t need to manage a huge online project if you are not going to update it regularly. Still, we recommend you to keep working on it for future presentations. Thus, on the first hand, you can set up a top-notch site using one of the business templates. On the other hand, you can launch a compact project with the help of the hi-res event planner themes.

It does not matter what option you prefer. Both of them require no coding. Just open the package, style your website and share all the advantages of your marketing business plan.

4th step: Schedule

Schedule event

Initially, everyone knows that there will be no success without a professional organization. Yes, it requires your time and effort. Anyway, the result is definitely worthy of the resources. As the name of the step says, you will need to create a schedule. On this step, you have to plan your marketing plan presentation. Obviously, you already have the list of headings and subheadings. You may have already prepared a charming intro as well. Still, talking about the schedule, we also mean all the things that are beyond your speech. Such as:

  • Are you going to make a break? If your presentation takes more than 25-30 minutes, it would be a nice idea to let the guests relax. They can have a cup of tasty coffee and discuss new materials.

  • Are you going to answer the questions? It requires at least 10 minutes.

  • Are you going to ask the opinion of the audience?

In a word, you need to lay out every action, every minute, and every word. When everything is done, make sure the visitors have the copies of your schedule. You can create it online and send them via email. In this case, the digital progress will help you! For example, all the premium business themes (and every quality event theme) come with a built-in schedule plugin.

5th step: Try Mobiles

To attract more people to the presentation, we suggest you trying mobiles. Nowadays they take more than a half of all traffic. Therefore, make sure your business website is mobile-friendly. You can choose one of these variants:

  • responsive design;

  • adaptive design;

  • mobile-first design.

With it, you allow a visitor to view out the schedule of the presentation wherever they are.

6th step: Use Event Management Software

As expected, these days one can find different event management software to further their work. The most popular ones are:

  • TM Event Manager;

  • Cvent;

  • Eventbrite;

  • Everwall.

7th step: Use Infographics, Counters, Tables…

PowerPoint Infographics templates

Before all else, the main task of any marketing plan presentation is to bring information. That is why it is not enough to take a viewer’s attention. Shortly, assimilating the facts is what you need! Therefore, now you have to do your best to make sure that guests can esquire the presented information. To say more, they should do it without a hitch. How can you do it? We recommend you to start with visual content. Don’t overload your presentation with lots of facts and details. Just use various design elements to sum everything up. Today you can see a brilliant variety of such features. To illustrate, you can use:

  • Infographics that is the most popular tool in 2018;

  • Graphics;

  • Circle counters;

  • Ratings;

  • Testimonials, and much more.

Needless to say, when created smartly, a strikingly-colored design element can include tones of information. What is more, it is always easier to learn such amount of details when they are presented in a laconic way.

By the way, you can look for a ready-made pack of mentioned design elements. All the trendy options were found to be inside new PowerPoint templates. Talking about a groundbreaking presentation, these products are just what the doctor ordered!

You can also use tools such as Power-user to bring thousands of such visual elements directly into your presentations.

8th step: Save Your Time

To end with, let’s see how you can save your time. At the outset, we recommend you to use keyboard shortcuts during the presentation. It comes for the creation process as well as for a real-life presentation. In fact, one of the common problems users face during the presentation is the impossibility of working with the mouse and focusing on the guests at the same time. Fortunately, we press buttons automatically. Thus, knowing a couple of simple keyboard shortcuts will help you.

What else can boost your efficiency?

  • Getting quick access to the toolbar;

  • Applying styles using QAT;

  • Choosing the needed view mode;

  • Adding a blank slide;

  • Using arrows to move an object;

  • Getting use of white space;

  • Adding links to your social media, etc.

When it comes to your contacts, we recommend having at least 2 slides for them. The first one will be a separate page in the middle of the presentation. Secondly, put your contacts in the end of the showcase.

As you can see, drawing a modern marketing plan presentation is not a complicated process. All in all, the 21st Century has everything to make it as easy as ABC. At last, keep in mind that confidence is the most powerful weapon. Believe in your dream, stay confident and be ready to impress the audience!


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