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15 PowerPoint Presentation Design Trends for Better Impact on Your Audience

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Are you looking for a gulp of inspiration to create an impressive and engaging presentation design? We are here to share 15 trend-setting graphic design techniques that will help you create a presentation that can impress the most picky audience.

Today, you will hardly impress anyone with a dull and tiresome PowerPoint presentation design. The modern audiences are already "spoiled" by good-looking designs. So, if your decide to introduce them to something built in a standard way, then you face the risk of losing the audience's attention.

Creating a trendy PowerPoint presentation design, you gain a number of major advantages in front of your audience.

Making every new slide look unique, you can keep the audience’s attention for a longer period of time.

  • Even the most impressive pieces of data won’t stick to your audience’s mind if it’s presented on dull slides. A unique design of your presentation will make your message more memorable. Thus, a creative PowerPoint presentation makes it easy for people to recall the information that you highlighted in your speech.

  • And finally, by means of a trendy design of your PowerPoint presentation, you and your company will be viewed as more progressive. This can help you present yourself as an authority in your field.

It takes time and efforts to create a trendy presentation. Even if you use premade business PowerPoint templates, you need to keep in mind the major graphic design tricks that will help your audience follow your story, understand your message, and enjoy your speech. By means of premade presentations, you can use ready-to-go designs featuring all the essential loots and elements that can help you create a memorable presentation of your content.

1. Infographics

Using charts in your presentations isn't trendy any longer. It's a proven fact that visual content has better effect on the data perception than written data. Your audience will hardly read long passages of text on your slides. If you want to keep your audience with you as the story goes, then organize the data on your slides in the infographics style. By doing so, you'll be able to present the most complicated pieces of data in a comprehensive and even interactive matter.

PowerPoint Infographics example

2. Custom Shapes & Illustrations

PowerPoint allows you to create unique slides that are enhanced with your custom shapes and illustrations. With the help of tools like Merge Shapes, you can create unique and cool designs that could add a generic look and fit for your brand.

PowerPoint Custom Shapes & Illustrations

3. Isometric Design

By means of isometric design elements, you can add a futuristic touch to your presentation. This is a special method to draw 3D objects in two dimensions. As a rule, these are simple and clean designs that add a sense of depth to a flat design.

Isometric Design

4. Asymmetrical Layout

This is one of the latest presentation design trends. With is help, you can draw extra attention to your slides. While placing different elements of your presentation design chaotically, you can make the visual presentation of your slides appear less rigid.

Asymmetric layouts are great for drawing attention to particular parts of your slides and on-page elements. Designers use the same technique to create strong on-screen hierarchies with the help of space, colors, and size.

PowerPoint Asymmetrical Layout

5. 3D

3D files aren't a new feature for PowerPoint presentations. The functionality was officially released by Microsoft 2 years ago. 3D illustrations are especially useful for creating product designs, mapping, and architecture, and other purposes.

PowerPoint 3D design

6. Animated Elements

It's a common thing to add animated elements to the slides of your PowerPoint presentation. As a rule, your slides are made up of several lines of text that a speaker will present one after another. In order to let you focus on the message that you'd like to deliver in your speech, make use of excessive animation effects that make different elements appear in 10-20 seconds.

PowerPoint Animated Elements

7. Irregular Header Style

It can be a real challenge to make your PowerPoint presentation different from the works presented by other speakers at the same event. However, there is a trick that can make your presentation look more outstanding. While changing the placement of the header in your presentation, you can add a sense of the dynamic flow to your presentation. This will make is look different from others and stick to the users' mind.

PowerPoint irregular header style

8. Dynamic Layout

Static and boring slides will hardly engage your audience as much as dynamic layouts do. Keeping your slides fresh and clean, treat your slides like beautiful print pieces. While paying with different shades of colors in backgrounds and text blocks, you can create a gorgeous piece that's critical for a successful design.

PowerPoint Dynamic Layout templates

9. Virtual Reality

A stunning PowerPoint presentation is more than just texts and images places on a screen. Taking into account that there is a hype about virtual reality on the present-day web, you can capture your audience with such engaging technologies on your slides. One of the most prominent examples of VR and AR techniques being used in the new presentation format is Prezi. They are working in making this type of interaction a reality, thus elevating the sales and marketing process.

Virtual Reality

10. Handwritten Texts

Handwriting can add personal touch to the formal style of your PowerPoint presentation design. If you do not want to use your own handwriting, there are lots of handwritten fonts that you can use to convey your message. Additionally, you can complement your presentation with a hand-drawn icon for a better effect on your audience.

PowerPoint Handwritten Texts

11. Double Exposure

Combine two or more colors in a single design to create a new image. By means of the pictures that hit on an emotional level, you can surprise and delight your audience emotionally. There is no need to use the technique on every slide of your presentation. Even a one-time use will have the desired impact.

Double Exposure

12. Gradients & Duotones

Duotone shades are often used in contemporary web designs. If you want the style of presentation appeal to those users who follow contemporary web trend, then gradients will help you make the right impact on the audience. The technique can be used in logo designs and a special emphasis to the icon backgrounds.

Gradients & Duotones

13. Dark Backgrounds

If you are looking for the ways to add a luxurious and memorable style to your presentation, then make use of dark backgrounds in your presentation. When combined with gradients, your dark-styled slides will have an exceptional look.

PowerPoint dark background templates

14. Vintage Fonts

Vintage fonts can add the old school vibe to your PowerPoint presentation, without overloading it. Such fonts can be use in the headings and subtitles of your pieces. Although some may assume that vintage fonts can make your piece look retro and outdated, they will make your presentation design look more engaging and professional. Some of the most popular vintage fonts are Parker, Bauru, Ailerons, and others.

Vintage Fonts

15. Retro Style

The last but not the least effective technique that you can use in your presentations is adding a touch of retro style to them. retro style will definitely make your piece more outstanding. When enhanced with a retro font and a vintage image, as well as accompanied with retro filters, you can bring a special creative touch to your sales or business presentation.

Retro Style

Final Words

2019 has brought new trends and approaches to the creation of PowerPoint presentations. There is one impressive peculiarity about the contemporary design trends. The combination of opposite trends can help you create an unparalleled impact on your audience. A vintage design that's enhanced with futuristic colors can provide for a memorable presentation of your message. You can also achieve a more minimalist look to your slides with the help bold backgrounds enhanced with vintage fonts and natural shapes.


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