Beautify your slides

Power-user gives you access to 6,000 icons, pictograms and flags to easily illustrate your PowerPoint slides and maximize the impact of your messages.

Choose your style

Icons are available in multiple styles, such as Flat design, Line design, Color design and more to match anyone's tastes. You can also right-click an icon to apply custom styles.

Easy search

Browse directly from PowerPoint, and find the perfect icon to illustate concrete or abstract ideas.

Color and resize

Icons take the color of your theme, but you can recolor them like any PowerPoint shape. All icons are vectors, so you can resize them without any pixellisation or loss of quality.

Create wireframes and mockups

Icons includes controls such as drop-down lists, toggle buttons and checkboxes to easily create mockups of a smartphone app or web page.

Customize with more icons

Power-user allows you to customize the icons Library with your own corporate icons, making them available at the tip of any user's finger.

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