An icon is worth a million words, and will instantly illustrate your key messages in an elegant way.

With the Power-user add-in, you can:

  • Insert icons from a library containing 6,000 icons and the flags of every country in the world,

  • Browse icons with similar design style, or search by keywords association or by category,

  • Resize vector icons without any deformation, and color them just like you need

  • Add your own icons or download additional free icons from the Power-user download center.

Make your slides beautiful to make an impact

Power-user gives you access to 6,000 icons, pictograms and flags for PowerPoint. It will allow you to easily illustrate your slides and maximize the impact of your messages.

Instantly find what you need

You can instantly find the icons you need with a powerful searchbar. Each icon is associated to multiple ideas, and not just a single name, so you can more easily find icons to illustrate concrete or abstract ideas. Icons are also organized in homogeneous themes and categories so you can directly target topics like Business, Technology, Science or Environment.

Save time and deliver presentations faster

Quickly insert multiple icons at the same time directly from PowerPoint. Resize vector icons without any pixellisation or loss of quality. By default, icons are inserted in your own color theme, but you can easily recolor them like any PowerPoint shape. We have also made sure icons all have same height so that you don't waste time resizing them.

Create wireframes and mockups in just a few minutes

Get dozens of icon templates to build wireframes and mockups in your PowerPoint presentations. Leverage these to showcase your concepts, websites, apps and other tools. 

Customize with your own icons or get more from our download center

You can customize Power-user by adding your own icons in our icons search engine. We also add new icons and themes on a regular basis, so you can download them from our download center. Use it for instance to add icons specific to your industry or your job.

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