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Beautify your slides the icons Library. Power-user brings over 7,000 icons, pictograms and flags directly in PowerPoint, Excel & Word.


7,000 icons of high-quality only, organized in homogeneous themes to help maintain visual consistency


Find icons typing keywords in the searchbar, browsing categories, or exploring your favorites.


All icons are vectors you can resize without any loss of quality, and recolor to match your brand exactly. 

Power-user l Beautify your slides

Beautify your slides

Icons are very efficient to make a slide look clean and clear. High-quality icons matching both your ideas and your brand colors will help you better deliver your messages. A visual capturing the gist of your ideas will anchor them in your audience's mind.

Power-user l Choose your theme

Choose your theme

Icons are available in multiple consistent styles: Line theme, Flat theme, Color theme, Modern theme, Illustrations, Flags and Wireframes. Choose icons that match your tastes. You can also right-click an icon to apply custom styles.

Power-user l Create wireframes and mockups

Wave the flag

The icons Library also include all country flags to help you illustrate international topics the easy way. Each flag is available in different shapes: rectangular, square, rounded or even a heart shape.

Create wireframes and mockups

Icons includes controls such as drop-down lists, toggle buttons and checkboxes to easily create mockups of a smartphone app or web page.

Power-user l Customize with your own icons

Customize with your own icons

Power-user allows you to easily customize the icons Library with your own corporate icons, making them available to every user in the organization.

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