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With the Power-user for PowerPoint add-in, you can create diagrams directly into your presentation.


These diagrams are powerful tools to make a visual impact when building presentations, dashboards or infographics. 

Our diagrams generator can create 13 different types of diagrams:

  • gauges,

  • traffic lights,

  • ranking diagrams,

  • thermometer diagrams, 

  • value chains,

  • relationship diagrams,

  • arrows diagrams,

  • rating diagrams,

  • Harvey balls diagrams,

  • pyramid diagrams,

  • circular diagrams

  • sphere diagrams,

  • battery diagrams. 

For each diagram, you can parameter it to make it exactly the way you need. For instance, you can build a relationship diagram with the number of outer circles you want.

Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Diagrams

Most of the diagrams are also made of smart, dynamic shapes, allowing you to edit them on the go. For instance, change where the needle of a Gauge diagram points by just changing its value. Adjust the color of a traffic light for a project status report. Increase or decrease the number of stars to rate a product feature or an experience. Or change the value of a Harvey ball dynamically to illustrate orders of magnitude.
This dynamic behavior can make your life easier since you don't need to re-create or manually edit these objects with every new update.

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