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Chart+ is a great solution to edit multiple charts

When working on quantitative reports, you might find yourself in the situation when you have to change something on a great number of slides. This can be adjusting the color of a series for instance, or to add data labels.

Chart+ enables you to edit as many charts as you want simultaneously. Just decide which changes to apply, and define the slide range. You can change almost every graphic feature you need, and in a flexible way. Indeed, you can define that a specific change will apply only to bar charts for instance.

For instance, you can:

  • Redefine the font, the font size, or the font color of all your charts

  • Add or remove data labels, axis, gridlines, legend, titles…

  • Change position of the legend on every chart (bottom, left, right, top…)

  • Change the charts’ dimensions

  • Change the color of the first series for pie charts only, from slide 23 to slide 42

  • Add an outline to all bar charts

  • Etc.

Power-user add-in l Chart+ - Chart options_2x

Without Power-user, editing charts in a quantitive report would take hours

PowerPoint does not enable edition of multiple charts. So if you face yourself in the situation when an even small change needs to be made on many graphics, you would waste countless hours.

Basically, you would have every time to select the chart, right-click it, click on Format chart, go to the appropriate section, find the chart element and change it. Even if this takes you only 20 seconds, when multiplying it by hundreds of graphics, that would mean a tremendous amount of time.

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