Power-user brings new powerful functions into Excel that you can easily use in the formulas in your spreadsheets to save time, make them more dynamic, or to get data from the stock markets directly into your spreadsheet in near real. time

How can you use these functions? Simply like any other function in Excel, type "=RangeExists(A1)" in a cell for instance.

Below if the list of these new functions that are made available for you in Excel.

Stock, Stock_History, Stock_Dividends, Stock_Financials and Stock_SectorPerformance are powered by data provided for free by IEX. View IEX's Terms of Use.

We have combined these stock functions to give you a free, ready-made dashboard analyzing the market performance and key financials for the company of your choice! Just choose a stock ticker and all the dashboard will update!

Click here to download this free template!

Stock analysis template.png
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