Massively used in consulting and finance, watefall charts decompose a value into multiple components, showing their relative weight and contribution to the total value.


Power-user lets you build waterfall charts with amazing flexibility:

  • Easily define totals to create waterfalls that can be ascending, descending or both,

  • Show only one series, or cumulate multiple series on the same chart,

  • You chart can even go below the axis

  • You can easily customize the chart design, changing colors, borders, labels etc.

Power-user's waterfall charts will help you present your data in a visually impactful way. Some typical uses of a waterfall chart are:

  • Displaying all the financial aggregates contributing to a Profit & Loss Statement,

  • Running a gap analysis, explaining visually what factors impacted positively and negatively a specific metric (for instance: activity in year N explained by activity in year N-1, minus churn, plus client acquisitions).

Without Power-user, creating waterfall charts in PowerPoint, Excel or Word would be a terribly long and highly complex process. Let's call it what it is: a pure nightmare.

With Power-user, editting or updating waterfall charts is very easy. Our charts are linked to your Excel data, and you can use the edition pane to quickly customize the design or refresh values.

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