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Use Power-user for PowerPoint to insert handy tools in your presentation. 

These tools include sticky notes to leave comments on your slide, stamps to mark your document as "Draft" or "Confidential", progress elements showing your audience how far you are in the presentation, mini-slides, or slide summaries. 

Sticky notes

Power-user PowerPoint and Excel add-in sticky notes

Sticky notes are an easy way to add and share comments in a presentation. Click on the "Sticky notes" button, type your text and a sticky note will be created at the top right corner of the current slide. You can use a color code to affect your comments to different reviewers or contributors. You can also hide all notes, which can be useful if you need to share an unfinnished version of the document and don't want to delete them one by one.


Power-user PowerPoint and Excel add-in Stamps

With Stamps, you can instantly mark all your slides as "Draft", "Confidential", "For internal use only", etc. You can also customize the stamp to just paste the shape of your choice on all slides in the document. Removing stamps is just as easy, and in just 1 click you can remove them from all your slides.

Progress tools

Progress tools add an element on all your slides that will show how far you are in the presentation. You can either add a bar that shows the percentage of completion, or a pie that will go from 0% to 100% completion as you go through the presentation.


Power-user add-in l Mini-slides

The Mini-slide feature creates a miniaturized picture of an existing slide. This tool can be used to refer to another slide in your presentation. For example, describe your methodology in a key slide, and then use Mini-slide to refer to it while you go through each part of the methodology.

Slide summary

Power-user PowerPoint and Excel add-in slide summary

Clicking on "Slide summary" will automatically create a slide that sums up all the slides you have selected. A line will be created for each slide, thus creating a table of content in a single click. All slide are summarized with an hyplerlink, allowing you easy access to any slide from the Summary. Slide summaries are also a good way to have an overview of your presentation and check if your storyline makes sense.

Tips & tricks

Power-user add-in l Tips and tricks

There are some very little-know tips & tricks in PowerPoint and Excel. Power-user will tell you all about it. Some of them can be real life-saviors. Did you know for instance you can recover that presentation you forgot to save? Or that you can automatically generate random text in your placeholders?

Keyboard shortcuts

Power-user l Keyboard shortcuts

Mastering keyboard shortcuts is one of the best way for anyone to become an highly productive user of PowerPoint and Excel. Some keyboard shortcuts are very well-know, like the CTRL+C / CTRL+V for instance. But did you know that you can make a right click with SHIFT+F10? That you can copy / paste formatting? Learn them all one by one through the Power-user tips & tricks

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