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Power-user certificates


Power-user is a powerful productivity solution for advanced users of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

It comes as an add-in unlocking dozens of new features to design impactful presentations in no time.

Some of these key features include a library of content, advanced charts, a robust link to connect Excel to PowerPoint, an agenda builder and many other automations.

Today, many large organizations in every industry rely on Power-user for the preparation of their business presentations.

Power-user features PowerPoint and Excel

If you haven't tried Power-user yet, there is a free trial license that you can download from this link. It will give you access to all the features of the tool so you can learn how to design presentations that matter, at the speed of light.

Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel, training certificate for Linkedin profile


One of the most valued skills today by today's employers is the ability to efficiently communicate ideas to management, colleagues and clients. For this, analyzing data with Excel and preparing convincing presentations with PowerPoint are critical skills that can make a big difference in a career.

The Power-user certificate shows that you have been trained with the tool. It shows that you are a professional with advanced presentation and analytical skills that will likely be a high performer.

To get the Power-user certificate, you just need to attend a Power-user training. If you haven't had a chance to attend one via you organization, you can register to one of the free trainings we run on a regular basis.

Once you've attended a Power-user training, you will receive all the information needed to add the Power-user certificate to your Linkedin profile and CV.

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