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How to create games and quizzes for students using PowerPoint

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Many believe that this soft is just for educational and business presentations; however, that’s not true at all! It can be used for creating quizzes and games for learners as well. Lots of educators have already benefited from this slideshow program, and you can do too. What you will like most about this soft is that you don’t need any design or programming skills to use it; however, a minimum level of creativity is required.

Professional writers from Pro-Papers have created a well-thought guide on how to develop multiple-choice quizzes so that you can evaluate your learners’ knowledge in a light-hearted manner with ease.

Rubix cube

Step 1: Developing question/answer slides

Initially, introduce the topic to teens. In the Title box, shed light on the considered subject. For example: “Periodic Table Quiz”.

Move to the following slide, where you should present the first question in the Title box. There is no need to ask questions only. Try including chemical formulas, math equations, incomplete phrases, etc.

For your learners to digest the provided info better, it is recommended to include images if possible, of course. For this, you can either select Pictures in the Insert tab or press on the relevant icon.

In the Insert tab, opt for the Text box. Use the latter one for adding possible replies. By the book, multiple-choice quizzes should come with only one correct answer, or the key, and three distractions. However, it is up to you how many reply options you will want to include.

Produce all the questions and reply options as per the mentioned procedure.

Step 2: Including Feedback Slides

Make sure that your first question slide is followed by an additional one that informs the learners that they have picked the key. Use the Title box, where insert a congratulatory message: “Well done!” or “You’re right!”. Use the Content box to invite learners to proceed further.

Come up with an incorrect answer slide in a like manner. It should inform learners that the chosen reply is incorrect: “That’s wrong!”. In the Content box, encourage learners to go back and give it another try.

It is crucial that all the feedback slides contain useful information so that learners can finally give correct answers. However, you may decide to not include any Try again buttons, for good reason, of course.

Make sure that your every question slide has at least two feedback ones.

Step 3: Adding a Navigation Component

This step is all about linking keys and distractions to the relevant feedback slides. By pressing on the reply Text box, you can include a Hyperlink to it if you pick the relevant option in the Insert tab. As soon as the window opens, pick Place in This Doc and then pick a “Well done!” or “That’s wrong!” slide.

As per the mentioned procedure, insert a link in the “Get to the next/previous question” text. Ascertain yourself that your all feedback slides lead to new or previous questions.

For your learners to be able to give it another try, link the relevant feedback slides to the question ones. You can do if you select Actions in the Insert tab and link the current slide with the last one reviewed by picking the relevant options in the opened window.

Useful Tips to Consider

1. To launch your quiz type game without undue delay, work out the theme you are willing to cover in your test in advance. Think through wrong replies long before you start creating too. This is how you can pay closer attention to the technical aspect rather than the content itself.

2. Take the effort to develop the sheet that will let your learners know about the rules in force. Make sure that students can access it before they start a quiz.

3. Take note that this guide helps to create a simple quiz game. Look for other guides that contain tips on how to develop more complicated games with the soft.

4. Make your quizzes more interesting and engaging by adding themed illustrations or even audio tracks. The latter ones will not be amiss for language test games.


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