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Are You Ready For These 5 Project Management Trends? Let's Find Out

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Are You Ready For These 5 Project Management Trends?

In this article, we take a closer look at five project management trends you should be ready for now and in the future.

The project management industry is evolving faster than we can imagine. Just some few years ago the industry had fewer tools and smaller teams. The projects were also simpler. But the industry has evolved. Projects have become complex, there are plenty of tools, and the teams have also grown big.

Below we will take a look at the emerging trends in project management you should be ready for.

But before that…

How Does Project Management Work?

To understand how project management works, we will dwell on the term “project”. A project is any task whose aim is to create a product or service. The project is over once the results are delivered.

A project is something that is planned and resources are allocated based on the duration the project will take. The team responsible for undertaking the project mustn’t come from one organization.

Examples of projects can be the construction of a community water pan, development of software, etc.

Usually, projects are managed by professionals to make sure they don’t take longer than projected and utilize the set budget.

Project management is, therefore, the use of skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques to execute and implement a project within the specified period.

The project execution and implementation is headed by a project manager who is tasked with the management of the project time, cost, scope, risk, quality, human resource, communications, etc.

With that in mind, let’s find out the emerging project management trends you should expect.

1. The Need for More Project Managers

During the project management lifecycle, processes are broken down into small and manageable chunks to streamline the flow of work. Project managers are tasked with overseeing every process and given the strict deadlines and anticipated results, the need for more project managers increases.

Project managers are in high demand currently than it was a few years back and especially with the developing economies such as India, China, and many others.

Besides, project management is an endeavor undertaken in almost all industries such as education, IT, advertising, healthcare, etc. As these industries continue to grow, the demand for project managers increases.

2. Use of Data Analytics and Numbers

From the survey to the execution of a project, project managers and other project management professionals use data insights. Data insights are useful to help project managers make accurate moves when working on projects to increase the chances of success.

The use of data and analytics can be done during project planning, project quality assessment, risk assessment, and other areas of project implementation.

The data gathered throughout these processes aid in the forming of teams, the allocation of processes to each team, evaluation of the skills required for each team, etc.

When data analytics are used correctly, they can be a valuable asset to any business of any industry.

Are you ready to use numbers? Well, there are project analytics tools that can take the hassle out of your hands out there, so don’t worry.

3. The Invention of Sophisticated Project Management Tools and Solutions

In this age where every industry is going digital, to execute a successful project, project management professionals must use the right tools. A study has shown that 77% of successful projects take advantage of the latest project management tools from planning, execution to implementation.

Project management tools and solutions are shaping the business world. Take a look at how these project and solutions are shaping the project management landscape

  • Collection of data for better planning of projects

  • Project time management. Special project management tools are useful to schedule and keep track of project time.

  • Team collaboration and communication. Some tools allow team members to work collaboratively with stakeholders and others to accomplish a project.

  • Budget allocation and deadlines

  • Monitoring project progress.

It’s no doubt project management tools are helpful to project managers when it comes to planning and execution of projects.

4. Artificial Intelligence and IoT are here to stay

Artificial Intelligence is also evolving and there are no signs of stopping. Although people have been worrying about losing their jobs, there are still more hopes that Artificial Intelligence won’t replace humans since machines still need a human being to work accordingly.

Another trend businesses should be ready for is The Internet of Things. A study by Superior Papers has shown that The Internet of Things is expected to connect more than 25 billion gadgets before 2020.

In fact, the automobile industry is expected to benefit a lot from these innovations as instant fault-detection systems will help drivers to prevent accidents on the road.

Wearable devices are using the Internet of Things to collect and analyze data to help users keep track of their health and adjust their lifestyle.

What’s more, many companies are already applying AI in project management to accomplish projects that require human intervention particularly in the automation of tasks.

Project managers can take advantage of task automation to accomplish complex projects such as visualization and task scheduling.

5. Remote Working is Growing Bigger

The internet has simplified how people work. Professionals are opting to work remotely than ever.

There are plenty of benefits to remote project management. From the flexibility it offers when it comes to working from anywhere at any time, this trend has no signs that it’s going to stop any time soon. Besides, project costs are also reduced.

Project management professionals should, therefore, should work on getting the best out of their remote teams by:

  • Having weekly or biweekly meetings and regular calls to the project progress

  • Inquiring for status updates regularly

  • Utilizing online project collaboration and communication tools for effective team collaboration

Final Thoughts

Project management is evolving rapidly. More tools are coming up, new methodologies are being implemented and the fact that these tools are enhancing team collaboration and communication shows how businesses can benefit from these emerging trends.

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