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Top Ten Free Microsoft Office Templates for Writers

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Hardly anyone can guess of something other than Microsoft Office when it comes to text processing, presentation preparation or big data calculations. Of course, this software does not service large corporations that use advanced professional programs, but writers, bloggers, and other computer users know Microsoft Word as the most popular software used online.

This company tends to enhance the effectiveness of the time you spend working with Word by creating a gallery of Microsoft’s free templates that can be used for personal, academic and professional writing purposes. Using these templates, you can start working on your project while focusing on writing instead of formatting.

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A good writing template can save your time and improve your understanding of the layout of your text before you proofread and edit it. Here is the list of the top 10 free Microsoft Office templates you can use and benefit from as a writer. For that, You need to have installed Word, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Most of these templates can be used following this very simple procedure:

  • Open the relevant application (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel)

  • Click "File" then "New"

  • Browse for the desired template in the template library.

1. Familiy NewsTemplate (MS Word)

This template can be used for information sharing or marketing purposes. It is a great representation of the effectiveness of free writing software offered by Microsoft. You can create a newsletter faster and tailor it according to your preferences and taste. You can change colors, fonts and layout using the formatting provided. Moreover, it is possible to add some extra features like family pictures to make your newsletter more engaging.

2. Story or Novel Manuscript Template (MS Word)

This template provides a framework that allows you to start writing immediately. It offers the most basic form of formatting but gives you enough understanding of how to format it to excel during submission.

3. Business Letter Template (MS Word)

It is a very handful template that can be used by office managers and personal assistants, as well as other people involved in business correspondence. It provides a perfect layout for your business letter or memo so that you know how to format your addressee’s credentials and put references to your company.

4. CV template (MS Word and MS PowerPoint)

Everyone needs to prepare a good resume at some point, so if you are looking for the perfect template for that, you can look at the CV templates that are included in the Power-user add-in. You can choose between several templates of beautiful resumes in Word or PowerPoint templates. This should help you reach your professional goals.

CV template for Microsoft Word

5. Cover Letter Template (MS Word)

Following the resume, MS Word emphasizes the need for a good cover letter and facilitates your writing. It provides you with a perfect sample that can be transformed or rewritten to meet the needs of the occupation you target.

6. Email or Newsletter Template (MS Publisher)

This template is used by the writers who intend to keep in touch with their target audience. It helps in formatting their email and in sending it out. This template offers you a neat and inviting to the eye layout, that highlights special events, releases, and other relevant information.

7. Catalog Template (MS Word)

This template is truly the best among the Microsoft office templates free of charge if you need to create a presentation of your project or handout material. The majority of Microsoft Office users admit that this template includes only basic formatting, but it provides the list of elements necessary to include in the title page for your presentation to look professional.

8. Writing Project Timeline Planning Template (MS Excel)

This template is truly the best among Microsoft office templates free of charge if you need to combine many projects in one document with timeline and charts. The majority of Microsoft office users may find it difficult to understand how to utilize this template since it requires special skills, but when you try once, you will never hesitate to do this again.

9. Book Stack Presentation Template (MS PowerPoint)

This template incorporates the best offered by Microsoft PowerPoint to help you create a perfect layout. You can shift and alter colors and fonts, but the main formatting has already been done for you. You can concentrate on your writing and content only.

10. Animated Flipping Book Template (MS PowerPoint)

This is a perfect opportunity to create a presentation in the form of a story or novel that will tell itself through dynamic animation. It includes amazing visual elements that bring your creativity to the new level. Even though the idea is quite simple, it still attracts many audiences worldwide.

About the author:

Sandra Larson is a professional writer who has built her career by writing creative content for marketing purposes. She has spent several years reaching proficiency with professional software for writers like Microsoft and recommends using templates to ease your writing. In this article, Sandra lists the top 10 list of MS Office templates that can be effectively utilized by writers in their professional, academic and personal writing.


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