Mekko charts, the key chart for market analysis

Mekko (or Marimekko) charts may very well be the charts with the highest value for clients in some industries like consulting or finance. It can display the relative segmentation of markets, the relative positioning of different companies, or the decomposition of financial aggregates. Mekkos can show a tremendous lot of information on a single chart, and is a great support for deep analysis in a business meeting, for instance. 

Look at the Mekko chart above. It shows that Market 3 is the biggest market, and Market 1 is the smallest. Company 4 has the highest market share on Market 2 and the smallest on Market 1. It seems like Company 4 focuses its efforts on the biggest markets and they are clearly leader in the industry. Still, Company 3 is leader on Market 1, even though it's a small market. The more you look at a Mekko chart, the more you will deduct interesting information about different markets, about companies respective strategies and positioning, etc.

Without Power-user, Mekko charts are a nightmare to create

Creating a Mekko chart manually can take a huge amount of time. This chart simply does not exist on Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, which make it very complexe to create. 

With Power-user, you can create a Mekko chart in a few seconds. A data sheet is created with already the appropriate disposition of rows and columns to make a Mekko. Just plug figures in the Mekko data sheet, click Create Mekko and the chart will be created instantly.


You can customize its apperance by changing the text and fill colors of the cells in the data sheet, or change your chart after it's created.

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