Sankey charts, the power of flows data visualization in Excel

Sankey charts are a very powerful tool for data visualization. Sankey charts are ideal to represent flows such as the exportations of companies in various countries, the sources of traffic on different websites, the countries of origin and destination of migrations, etc.

For instance, have a look at the chart above. On the left you have 6 companies, with the total value of their exportations and their respective weight in the total exportations. For each of these companies, the exporations go to 5 different areas: USA, Canada, Europe, China and Japan. You can see the flow of exports going from each company to each geographical area. The graph also shows the value of exportations for each flow, and the total of exportations per area.

With Power-user, you can easily insert and edit Sankey charts

This chart simply does not exist on Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, nor with any other plugin or tool for that matter. So there is no way you can create a Sankey chart in Excel without Power-user. 

With Power-user, creating a Sankey graph just takes a few seconds. And editing is just as easy. Simply right-click the chart, choose "Edit Sankey chart", and you will be able to customize its apperance dynamically, showing or hidding totals, changing the colors of a series or the format of text, etc.

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