Best Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Updated: May 15, 2020

Mastering keyboard shortcuts is a giant step towards productivity. This post is here to let you learn all the best keyboard shortcuts that are listed below. If you make this effort to learn them, you will see a huge difference in the speed at which you can work.

Rule to read shortcuts:

  • Keys are separated by a "+" sign if they need to be pressed simultaneously

  • Keys are separated by a "-" sign if they need to be press successively

File management

CTRL+N : Create new document

CTRL+O : Open new document

CTRL+S : Save

F12 : Save as

CTRL+W : Close document

ALT+F4 : Close application

CTRL+NextPage / PreviousPage : Move to the next / previous page

Copy and paste

CTRL+C : Copy

CTRL+V : Paste

CTRL+X : Cut

Cancel and repeat

CTRL+Z : Cancel

CTRL+Y : Cancel cancellation

F4 : Repeat last action

Formatting shortcuts

CTRL+B : Bold

CTRL+U : Underline

CTRL+I : Italic

CTRL+SHIFT+" + " : Superscript

CTRL+SHIFT+C : Copy selection format

CTRL+SHIFT+V : Paste copied format

SHIFT+F3 : Change letter case

CTRL+] : Increase font size

CTRL+SHIFT+> : Decrease font size


CTRL+A : Select all

CTRL+Left/Right Arrows : Move one word to the left/right

CTRL+Up/Down Arrows : Move one paragraph up or down

SHIFT+Left/Right Arrows : Extend selection by one character to the left/right

SHIFT+Up/Down Arrows : Extend selection by one line up/down

CTRL+SHIFT+Left/Right Arrows : Extend selection by one word to the left/right

CTRL+SHIFT+Up/Down Arrows : Extend selection by one paragraph up/down

ALT+SHIFT+Up/Down Arrows : Move items up or down in a bulleted or numbered list

F8 : Activate Selection Mode


CTRL+F : Find

CTRL+H : Replace

Backspace : Delete one character to the left

CTRL+Backspace : Delete one word to the left

SHIFT+F10 : Contextual menu (=right click)

F7 : Run a Spelling and Grammar Check

Paragraph formatting

CTRL+E : Center paragraph

CTRL+L : Left-align paragraph

CTRL+R : Right-align paragraph

CTRL+J : Justify paragraph

TAB : Increase Indent

SHIFT+TAB : Reduce Indent


SHIFT+Enter : Insert line break

CTRL+Enter : Insert page break

Navigate in Windows

Windows+D : Go to desktop

Windows+E : Open Computer

Windows+V : Open Clipboard history

Windows+L : Lock computer

Alt+Left Arrow : Move to previous folder

Alt+Up Arrow : Move to parent folder

CTRL+T : Open new tab

CTRL+W : Close current tab

CLTR+SHIFT+T : Re-open the last closed tab

Alt+F4 : Close current program

CTRL+P : Print

Final tip#1: check also our list of the best keyboard shortcuts for Excel and for PowerPoint.

Final tip#2: remember these shortcuts with the Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Among other features, it adds a list of keyboard shortcuts directly into Word but also tons of templates, icons, maps, diagrams and more!


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