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15 Presentation Ideas and Tips on PowerPoint Presentations

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Whenever you need to present a new project or business idea to your partners or clients, using PowerPoint presentations seems to be the most optimal solution if you want to achieve the maximum effect. PowerPoint presentations represent a perfect balance of how visual and written content can be organized on a single slide.

There a huge variety of ready-made PowerPoint presentation templates available on the modern-day web. Some of them are intended to be used for business and corporate web purposes, others are best suited for the presentation of the fun data. In a word, whatever goals you pursue, you can always pick the optimal PowerPoint presentation template that will help you deliver your ideas to the audience and make it easier for the public to follow your story.

If a PowerPoint presentation has a problem, then you will hardly be able to impress the audience with the data that you have prepared. Unreadable font, images of the poor quality, broken links, the layout structure that is difficult to follow, and a number of other factors can waste the public impression about you as a speaker and ideas that you represent.

No matter what's the topic of your presentation, there are three key factors that you need to consider while working on your slides. These include your devotion to the consistency of style of your presentation, your attention to the presentation processes, and your command of the major PowerPoint design tools.

In order to help you select the best PowerPoint presentation template that will help you create impressive slides, we've made up a compilation of the 15 tips and tricks followed by the examples of the ready-made PowerPoint presentation templates.

P.S. Just in case you are looking for a wider choice themes for different purposes, click here to get amazing PowerPoint templates.

What's Your Audience?

In order to create an effective presentation that will appeal to your audience, make sure that you know who are the people that you are going to present to. What's their occupation, age, nationality, average income, etc.? What are their interests? Based on this knowledge, you will be able to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be appealing to the audience that you target.

For example, Pitch Deck presentation template will be a perfect foundation for the development of clear and concise presentations for business and corporate projects.

Pitch deck presentation template PowerPoint

What's the Main Idea of Your Presentation?

What message do you want to deliver to your audience? Do you want to introduce people to a specific kind of products or services? Is that a specific action that you want people to take? Decide on what particular message you'd like to deliver to your audience and help people to understand what you present and what actions you'd like them to take. For example, the Business Infographic template will be a perfect fit for the presentation of a business plan to your audience.

Business infographic PowerPoint presentation templates

Keep the Design Flat

Is the multicolored design of your slides or data that you want to deliver to your viewers? If you are a creative artist or a web designer looking forward to revealing your talent to the prospective clients, then a bold design of slides can work. However, if you want the audience to follow your narration, then a simple flat design of your PowerPoint presentation will work perfectly well. For example, Startup PowerPoint template features slides created in the clean and minimalist style. The neutral color scheme is enhanced with vibrant yellow accents that draw the users' attention to the essential data.

Start up pitch deck PowerPoint

Keep Slides Simple

Every slide of your PowerPoint presentation should contain one key point or take away. It will be confusing for the viewers to follow you if there is too much information added to a single slide. Focus on putting one key point to one slide.

Edge PowerPoint presentation template

Use Elaborate Animations

Do not add too much animation effects to your slides. Use elaborate and decorative transitions that will enhance the impression of the audience about the things that are presented on different slides. Be means of neat animation effects, you can keep the audience more engaged with your data, thus growing their curiosity and interest in what will come next.

The more complicated you make your PowerPoint presentation, the more chance there is for losing something important or distracting the audience from getting your message.

Animated PowerPoint presentation template

Use Quality Visuals

There is a good popular saying that content is the king but a picture can say a thousand words. Using high-quality visuals in your presentations, you may feel confident that your content will look amazing on all devices where it's displayed. For example, Pitch Pro PowerPoint is a clean and simple template for business and financial projects. It makes use of charts, diagrams and high-resolution images that provide for easier comprehension of the most complicated data.

Pitch pro PowerPoint presentation template

Keep Texts Short

Making PowerPoint presentations doesn't suggest that your audience will read long paragraphs of texts that are included in your slides. Vice verse, long texts will hardly keep the audience engaged with the data that you would like to deliver to your visitors. In order to make it easier for the users to follow your narration, use bullets in your slides. First of all, it's helpful to you as a speaker because having a short plan in front of you will help you stick to the point and never lose your train of thought.

Xpress PowerPoint presentation template

Use Readable Fonts

The text that is included in the slides of your presentation should be easy-to-read for your audience wherever you are giving your presentation. Such texts as Arial and Helvetica are preferable to boost readability of your slides.

Choosing the right font size is no less important in order to get your message across. Narrow fonts like Arial Narrow should better be avoided. Fonts with fancy edges like Times aren't the best solution for effective presentation of your slides either.

In order to choose the best fonts for your slides, make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • A one-inch letter is readable from 10 feet.

  • A two-inch letter is readable from 20 feet.

  • A three-inch letter is readable from 30 feet.

Urban planning PowerPoint presentation template

Use Engaging Videos

A video can add a little extra interactivity to your presentation. If that a new software or a tool that you are going to present, using a brief video review is a win-win solution in order to engage your audience. a 2-4 minutes video can communicate your ideas in a beneficial way. Also, this can be a great introduction to the entire presentation. Provided that the video is of the high quality and relates to your presentation directly, you can add extra value to your presentation and drive in a wider audience.

Socia media user PowerPoint presentation template

Slide Backgrounds Consistency

The tip will work well not only in PowerPoint presentations but also web designs and print media of any kind. In order to keep the viewers with you and avoid distractions of any kind, use consistent backgrounds that will keep the viewers' attention concentrated on your content fully. While choosing the best color scheme for the slide backgrounds, make sure that you use high contrast between the text color and background color.

Whether that's a fair or dark-colored background that you'd like to use in your presentation, opting for a simple background that contrasts sharply with the text put on helps the message to pop up, thus driving more attention of your audience.

Is it OKAY to use pictures in backgrounds of PowerPoint presentations? This can be somewhat tricky because controlling the contrast between texts and backgrounds becomes more difficult. In order to keep your slides readable, make sure that the color of fonts looks contrasting with the majority of the picture's colors.

Full colour PowerPoint presentation template

Use Colors That Match Your Brand & Audience

While choosing the coloring for your PowerPoint presentation, focus on your business niche and target audience. Creating a presentation in your corporate colors is one of the best ideas if you want people to remember you and recognize your brand in the future.

If you make a business presentation, then selecting neutral colors you will be able to deliver a professional and reliable presentation of your message. Different shades of blue and grey are the most popular color choices for business, corporate, cryptocurrency, and financial niches.

Testimony PowerPoint presentation template

Visualize Your Data

If your presentation contains lots of data, visualize it as much as possible. It's easier to communicate your ideas when people see visuals instead of the plain texts. PowerPoint templates contain lots of "donut-graphs" that are just perfect for making comparisons. Also, you can use charts, graphs, progress bars, and other kinds of visual data that will boost the comprehension of your content.

Minimal business PowerPoint presentation template

Avoid Over-Formatting

It sounds obvious, still worth a mention. While formatting the text of your PowerPoint presentation, do not over-format the data on your slides. There is no need to have every word of the bullet points capitalizes. The simpler you write and the shorter sentences you make the better.

Marketing pro PowerPOint presentation template

Make Sure All Objects Are Aligned

You can create the best presentation ever. You can choose the best color scheme, right fonts, and keep animation effects to the minimum. However, all efforts will be useless if you do not align all elements of your PowerPoint presentation correctly. In order to do it right, hold down Shift and select on all objects that you would like to align. Next, select Arrange in the options bar, and apply Alignment Type. That's all. All objects of your presentation are aligned properly.

SEO agency PowerPoint presentation template

Customize Your Template

Whatever theme you choose, customize it in a way that matches your brand image. Leave those slides that are necessary for the new presentation. All templates that are included in this showcase include a huge variety of slides and objects so that you may feel free choosing the ones that will meet your goal and audience.

Customize your template


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