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Merged cells are a real pain for Excel users. They twist the results of your formulas, and prevent you from using powerful tools such as PivotTables. This is were the Merged Cells Manager of Power-user comes in action. It finds all the merged cells in your worksheet, and let you unmerge them flexibly.

Click on any of the merged areas displayed in the Merged Cells Manager. It links to the area so you can see what these cells contain and if they really need or not to be merged. Click on "Unmerge" to perform a standard unmerge of the cells.

You can also click "Unmerge and fill down". On a standard unmerge, only the cell on the top will have the content of the previously merged area. With "Unmerge and fill down", all the cells from previously merged area will be filled with the content.


This can save you a huge amount of time on Excel. If you have hundreds of merged cells and need to unmerge and fill them all (for instance so you can use formulas, Tables or PivotTables), you might spend hours doing this manually. With Power-user, it is a simple as a click.

Additionnally, you can use the Align Across Selection button to replace merged cells with an alternative that will be visually equivalent, but without the downsides of merging cells.

Power-user add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word l Merged cells manager
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