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Some Unknown Tips That Save Your Time in Microsoft Excel

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Those who have to deal with large amounts of information cannot imagine a single working day without Microsoft Excel. Even though it is a widely-used office tool, there are so many complications both newcomers and experts have to face. Excel, and especially the latest versions of it, is a massive program and there are so many instruments you can find there.

Still, even more of them will unavoidably stay overlooked. To help you feel more confident when using the tool, we have prepared a list of simple Excel tips and tricks that will save your time. Maybe, you have no idea about some of them, but they will definitely make your routine less daunting.

Opening several files with one click

No need to open files one after another if you need them all simultaneously. Instead, go to the required folder, select them, and press the Enter button. All documents will open at once.

Selecting All with one click

There two ways to Select All in Excel. First one is the Ctrl + A combination, which you might already know. The other one is even easier. Click this button in the corner:

Excel Selecting All with one click button
Image source:

Image source:

Done! The lines will be selected in a moment.

Adding new functions to the menu

The standard menu includes several most common functions, like Undo, Save, and Repeat. You may want to add Copy and Cut as well. You can do that easily:

File>Options>Quick Access Toolbar>Cut and Copy

You will find more functions in the left side when opening the Quick Access Toolbar section. Choose the one you need and place it to the right side.

Adding new functions to the menu with the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
Image source:

Moving between different spreadsheets

When working on different projects at the same time, it is crucial not to twist them all up. A small mistake can turn into an enormous catastrophe if you do. There is a simple way to switch between the documents fast and easily: just press Ctrl + Tab.

Copying and moving information in cells

The columns are moved by picking and dragging them. However, to copy the data, you should press Ctrl before you select and drag the column. This will save and move it along with the data.

Getting rid of empty cells

One of the most demanded Microsoft Excel tips surely is about deleting the empty cells. It is tiresome to remove them one by one, but what if you need to make your document look clear and readable?

Then follow these instructions:

Data>Filter>neglect Select All and choose Blanks

After these steps, all the empty cells will be selected. You can press Delete to get rid of them.

Alternatively, you can also use the dedicated delete empty cells feature of the Power-user add-in.

Adding a diagonal line to a cell

When making a complicated table with numerous types of data, you may want to divide a cell with a diagonal line. Go to:

Home>Font>Borders>More Borders

There are some features in the Borders menu, but if you want more, including a diagonal line, move to More Borders!

Excel adding a diagonal line to a cell
Image source:

Inserting new rows

Adding a row above or under another is easy. You just click the left button of your mouse and select Add a Row. However, what if you need to add five or ten rows? Inserting them one by one would be a nightmare. There is a way to do it fast: select the required number of rows, click the picked rows and press the Insert button in a menu. The new rows will appear above or below the selected one.

Excel inserting new rows
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Moving information from a row to a column

To make your data look clear, you may want to move it to a column. The last thing you want to do is to type it one more time! However, you don’t need to do that – the Transpose feature will help. First, copy the item you want to move; second, place the pointer to an empty area.

Then do the following actions: Home>Paste>Transpose

You need to follow the described order to make the function work: copy the information first and then go to the menu.

Excel can be tricky! With this list of simple but pretty advanced Excel tips, you will master the most useful functions of the program quickly. Now you know how to add and remove a number of rows in one click, transport, and copy data, and manage a couple of files at the same time. While the functions are pretty basic, we bet that you will find the provided instructions helpful, because they will make your work faster. Whether you are an experienced user or just a beginner, these tips will improve your Excel routine for sure! Keep them in mind, and good luck with your projects!

About the Author :

Nicole Cowart writes guidelines and articles for educational, entertaining, and informational resources. Nicole’s main sphere of interest is business and management. She composes materials related to office content solutions, digital marketing, and recruiting.


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