The 10 best websites for beautiful PowerPoint templates and designs

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

PowerPoint is really time-consuming. So why create from scratch every new slide you need when there are already thousands of templates you could use? The list below provides a number of resources you can use to download beautiful and professionally designed templates for PowerPoint, but also Keynote and Google Slides.

1. Power-user | Beautiful templates directly into PowerPoint, even offline

Power-user is a powerful add-in we created for PowerPoint and that lets you browse and insert hundreds of beautiful templates with creative design directly into your presentations:

  1. "Power-user templates": a library of 500 beautiful templates

  2. "My templates": you can save here your own favorite slides to access them later from any presentation

  3. "My company templates": a shared library that will allow a group of users to access the same templates within a company or a team, allowing 1 administrator to update or add slides for the entire group

Good to know: Power-user also provides 1+ million pictures, 6,000 icons, 250 editable maps, great charts and diagrams as well as many formatting tools to save time on PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

With these great tools you can easily create beautiful slides like a professional designer yourself!

2. SlideModel | Professional PowerPoint templates and themes

SlideModel is a website with around 20,000 PowerPoint templates and designs of professional quality. SlideModel offers unlimited downloads for 1 year with the subscription. There are also other PowerPoint templates like diagrams, maps and shapes.

It can be very helpful to design a presentation in minimal time by simply downloading a series of templates.

3. Powered Template | Professional PowerPoint templates

Powered Template offers a wide range of royalty-free, beautifully designed templates that can be used for business presentations or personal projects. Templates are available either individually or with a subscription plan.

There are templates available for PowerPoint but also for Google Slides.

4. Envato Elements | Templates or entire presentations made by designers

Envato Elements gathers visual elements from a large community of creative designers. For a monthly fee, you get unlimited download with a vast catalog containing 340,000 stock photos and 34,000 graphic assets.

One of the cool things is that you can download entire presentations on a specific topic like an investor pitch deck (ideal for startups), a sales presentation, a real estate project, etc.

There are also a few templates and decks that are available for Keynote and Google Slides.

5. | Free PowerPoint templates, designs and diagrams

This website has the great value of being free. However what it provides is more like backgrounds or cover pages for your presentation than real templates to be used to make your slides look beautiful. Yet this can quickly help you find a design for your presentation, and there are some interesting elements you can adjust to your needs.

There are also some templates available for Google Slides.

6. Slidegeeks | Professional PowerPoint templates

Slidegeeks provides templates that you can easily search by themes or keywords. There There are templates of really good quality that can be found there, and that can be used for a business presentations. There are also simple designs that would more probably be used as backgrounds or cover pages for more personal projects.

Those templates are available for download for a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are available per user or per team.

7. Templatemonster | Professional PowerPoint templates

Templatemonster provides quality templates to save time in creating engaging presentations. There are also some complete presentation decks available on various topics such as business plan or pitchdesks, or for specific topics or designs.

For this website you don't need a subscription and you can simply purchase decks as youo want them.

8. Slide Hunter | Free presentation templates

Slide Hunter is a website where you can download 4,000 PowerPoint templates and designs. The templates are of rather good quality for a free resource, however you can be disappointed since some of them are simply link to other websites who are actually selling the template.

9. Presentation Magazine | Free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds

This website contains 48,000 templates and backgrounds for PowerPoint. There are also some clipart and icons available. Those templates don't look very professional and wouldn't fit well in a business presentation, but they would typically be useful as background for a personal or academic projects.

10. PresenterMedia | Professional PowerPoint templates

PresenterMedia offers a neat collection of professionally designed templates and other cliparts for PowerPoint or Keynote.

It also contains PowerPoint animations templates that you can use to make your presentations more engaging and dynamic.

The templates are available for unlimited downloads with a monthly subscription.

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