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Increase step by step your knowledge and command of PowerPoint and Excel with Power-user. Instead of simply waiting while a document is opening, the add-in will display valuable information for you to learn. 

Tips & tricks

There are some very little-know tips & tricks in PowerPoint and Excel. Power-user will tell you all about it. Some of them can be real life-saviors. Did you know for instance you can recover that presentation you forgot to save? Or that you can automatically generate random text in your placeholders?

Keyboard shortcuts

Mastering keyboard shortcuts is one of the best way for anyone to become an highly productive user of PowerPoint and Excel. Some keyboard shortcuts are very well-know, like the CTRL+C / CTRL+V for instance. But did you know that you can make a right click with SHIFT+F10? That you can copy / paste formatting? Learn them all one by one through the Power-user notifications.

Power-user features

With dozens of features, there is a good chance you are not using all of the features of Power-user. To help you take control of your productivity and learn it all, you will get tips on Power-user features while your PowerPoint and Excel files are opening. This technique also ensures a very high adoption of our software by users and helps break the bad old habits.

Updates and upgrades

When we release updates or upgrades of our software, such as new features, new content or simply bug fixes, a notification will le you know about it. Just click it to download it.

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