6 Reasons Your Company Should Use Productivity Suite Software

Nowadays, almost everyone in any business uses productivity software in their day-to-day operations. These are tools you use to create documents, presentations, database, charts, graphs and more. In an era where everything is slowly migrating into the digital space, these solutions have become a necessity for any organization.

According to Statista, the demand for such software will reach $106.8 billion by 2021. At the moment, there are numerous options of productivity applications and programs for your company. All of them offer different features and tools depending on your niche and needs. This also means that the advantages and disadvantages of productivity software may vary depending on which type you choose for your company.

One productivity tool may sometimes not be enough to cater to your day to day demands. Often, you would need several to make your operations more streamlined, efficient, and productive. With that, you may want to look into installing a productivity suite software. These are software that provide a set of different types of productivity programs for your computer. Examples of such software are Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and OpenOffice.

Having the right productivity suite program for your business can have a positive effect on its overall growth. Likewise, it may even affect your employees’ performance. With that, here are the reasons why you should use a productivity suite software for your company.

1. Prepares you for the digital age

From small businesses to large corporations, companies need computers, smartphones, and other similar devices to help them run their day to day operations. In fact, a study by International Data Corporation says that the demand for traditional PCs continues to increase each year with 2019 ending with a 4.8% increase in global demand.

This goes to show that the digital age is here. The days of piled up papers on top of desks or crammed inside filing cabinets are gradually fading. With today’s technology, almost all files, documents, and data are digitally stored and created.

With productivity tools, you can ensure that your files and documents are digitized. This also ensures that your company is ready to face the digital era. From documents, photos, videos, and databases, you can easily make and access them using your computers or other similar devices.

2. Makes tasks more efficient

Imagine having to write an entire report by hand instead of typing them down on your Word app. Or think about painting the same poster again and again for a certain event. Back when there were no computers, such manual tasks were daunting, time-consuming, and challenging.

With productivity apps, you can easily create reports, graphics, databases, word files, and presentations. They offer templates, tools, features, and shortcuts to hasten everyday tasks and make them more efficient. It simplifies and automates certain tasks so that you don’t have to spend too much time on creating and editing projects or assignments. This also allows you and your employees to focus on improving the quality of your content and output.

Aside from these, productivity tools make it easier to detect and correct mistakes in your files. Since they are only in digital form, you don’t have to painstakingly redo everything from scratch just because of a single flaw. It lets you erase, undo, and edit your output piece by piece, letter by letter, line by line, figure by figure, and others.

3. Reduces cost

Aside from the fact that manual tasks can be time consuming, it can also be costly as well. For one, the more time spent on one task can mean delays in the overall process. And usually, delays mean lesser output produced in the long run despite the amount of work put into it.

Without productivity software, correcting mistakes will be more difficult and costly as well. Instead of simply editing them as you go, you will be forced to scrap whatever you’re currently doing and begin again from scratch. It also has quality assurance measures to make sure that your outputs are in their best shape before you finally commit to it.

Productivity tools also mean you can do away with buying extra materials, office supplies and legwork to do certain tasks. This includes papers, pens, ink, paints, cabinets, and more. Since it digitalizes your files, you don’t have to worry about extra costs for storing, managing, and creating new outputs.

4. Helps you create professional looking documents, presentations, and graphics

Having great presentations can make an impact on your company’s reputation. With clean formats and eye-catching designs, you can build a better and more credible image for your business, both inside and outside the office.

In a way, productivity software makes your work more professional when presented to others. It provides templates which you can use as a basis for your documents. It fixes typography so that others can easily read your content. It also polishes up raw content, such as figures and numbers, and then automatically turns them into summarized charts, graphs, and tables for visual appeal.

With the right productivity tools, you can ensure that all your documents, presentations, and graphics are uniformed, precise, and properly aligned. Likewise, it does not only focus on making your data look better, but it also proofreads and checks your content. It makes sure that your data are accurate with no duplicates within the file. It has grammar and spelling checkers, in-built calculators, word counters, and more.

5. Encourages flexibility

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, 25-30% of the global workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. Thus, your company must be ready to accommodate such setup while also maintaining and improving your employees’ productivity and performance.

Fortunately, productivity suite software can provide you that flexibility you need to foster a healthy remote work environment for your employees. Since your files are now digitized and can be stored and sent via the internet, your employees can easily download and edit these documents anytime and anywhere.

Even when they are outside of the office, they can still have access to important documents, presentations, files, photos, and more. This allows them to continue work in the comforts of their homes or anywhere else. Likewise, you can further enhance your work from home set up with this how to make remote working work guide from FinancesOnline.

6. Promotes collaboration

Through productivity software, collaboration has never been easier and more accessible. With everything digitized, you can easily share files across your employees and have them accessible in a centralized storage.

With the prevalence of the internet, working with teams is even made easier and more convenient. You can simply send files through emails or upload them in the cloud. You can even make these processes faster by reducing its file size.

In this way, anyone who has access to the document can edit, print, or carry it over to the next step in the process. In fact, teams can even work on a single file at the same time over the internet. Some productivity tools even have features that let others leave comments and feedback on your outputs.

It’s productivity time

The days of having to manually compute, write down documents, draw posters, and create flyers are gone. Now that technology prevails in almost every aspect of any business’ operations, investing on the best productivity suite software is the way to go.

It digitizes all your files, data, and presentations to make it easier for you to store, share, and access them. Likewise, its tools and features assist you in your day to day tasks and make your processes more efficient. In this way, you can focus on improving the quality of your content and doing other value-adding tasks.

So, don’t get behind with the times. Take advantage of what technology has to offer. With the right productivity suite software, you may just find your company performing better in the long run.

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