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What's new with PowerPoint 2016?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Making your presentation visually attractive is the secret to create an impactful and compelling pitch in front of your clients. For data-driven presentations, charts are the most effective way to visually express the results of your analyses.

PowerPoint 2016 features six new charts to create easy-to-read financial information, which you can insert from the ribbon (Insert>Chart).

PowerPoint 2016 - New chart types

This review show these new features and provide examples on how you can use them.

Treemaps are great to visualize data that are part of a whole: market share, percentages… Most of the time, you want a list of many market shares Here is a interesting example of how those graphs could enhance your data.

PowerPoint 2016 - Treemap charts

Treemap of Benin's exports by product category, 2013. The Product Exports Treemaps are one of the most recent applications of these kind of visualizations, developed by the Harvard-MIT Observatory of Economic Complexity ( Here, the larger the size of the rectangle, the larger the product's share of that country's imports or exports.

Sunburst are great to visualize hierarchical data, depicted by concentric circles. Generally, the larger is the circle, the highest the value of the data.

Powerpoint 2016 - Sunburst charts

Facebook customer mapping, source:, based on Pew Reaserch Center, 2014.

Box and Whisker charts are mostly used in statistical analysis to depict data through their quartiles. Outliers are often set as maximum or minimums, or upside and downside estimates of a certain value.

PowerPoint 2016 - Box and whisker charts

Amazon price variation vs price target estimate, Barclays Equity Research. During the 12 last months, the Amazon stock price fluctuated between 284.00$ and 580.57$. According to Equity Analysts, the value of the Amazon stock price should worth between 475.00$ (downside scenario) and 880.00$ (upside scenario) in the next 12 months.

Waterfalls helps understanding how an aggregate breaks down into several parts.

PowerPoint 2016 - Waterfall charts

Potential value creation from a Bouygues Telecom acquisition for Altice (€ billion), source: JP Morgan Estimates Here, the acquisition price of the company comprises the actual value of the business acquired and the present value of future synergies expected from the deal.

For PowerPoint versions before 2007, 2010 or 2013, you can still create waterfall charts using the Power-user add-in.

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