Download optional libraries in Power-user

If you love icons, you may want to activate some of the optional libraries in Power-user.

To activate optional libraries:

  • You need version 1.6.823 or higher, so if you are not sure what version you have, click here to download the latest update.

  • Go in your Power-user tab in PowerPoint, and click the gear wheel button ("Settings") located at the very left.

  • Click the button next to "Optional Libraries" and download the libraries you want. They will then appear in the list of icons libraries directly in Power-user.

Here are the optional libraries currently available: 

1) Modern Theme - 240 icons

Power-user - More icons - Modern theme

2) Illustrations - 402 icons (only with Office 2016 or higher)

Bringing your own icons in Power-user

With Power-user, you can customize Icons match your own needs:

  • Add your own icons into the Power-user Icons form

  • Create your own categories to organize icons the way that suits you

  • Download more free icons, for instance icons specific for your industry

Customizing the Icons form is very easy and takes just a few seconds:

  • On your computer, go to C:\Users\\Documents\Power-user\Icons

  • Create a new folder (called "MyIcons" for instance): in Power-user, you will see a new "Source" created in the Power-user icons Library.

  • In this folder, create subfolders (called "SubFolder1" and "SubFolder2" for instance): new Categories will be created in the Library.

  • Place your icons in the subfolders. If you don't need any subfolder, create an "All" subfolder and place all your icons there.

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